The Hills are Alive . . . + Wed. News + Helicorders Kaput


This topic was in comments, off topic but of interest – Furloughed Mid-Michigan National Guard employees return to work (needed for “national security”??)

The AdvocateState shuffling dollars to pay for Bayou Corne sinkhole

Seventeen days into the new state budget year, the state Department of Natural Resources needed to borrow $8 million from the state treasury to meet the day-to-day expenses of Bayou Corne.

Months later, the money’s almost gone.

DNR’s biggest expense is paying CB&I to help with the science behind a 25-acre sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish. . . .

They’d have a bigger expense if they paid full value for the HOMES TEXAS BRINE WRECKED! Then they could hand the bill to negligent drillers.

Brain-eating amoeba spread!  WAFB- ‘Brain eating’ amoeba found in 1 DeSoto Parish water system < DeSoto Parish is in west Louisiana about the middle – parish map

DESOTO PARISH, LA (KSLA/AP) – The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals says a rare[sic]  amoeba that caused the August death of a child in south Louisiana has been found in five locations(!!) in a north Louisiana water system. . .  

Pipeline Explodes in Harper County, Oklahoma

A pipeline exploded Tuesday night in Harper County, Oklahoma, causing a fire which could be seen an estimated 70 miles away in southwest Kansas.


HELICORDERS ALL QUIT JUST BEFORE 2 P.M. – Before that the helicorders had low grumbles all night, nothing big.
Texas Brine inspection report for 10-7.

West, TX fertilizer plant cited for safety lapses



25 thoughts on “The Hills are Alive . . . + Wed. News + Helicorders Kaput

  1. Hi, not from your part of the world but saw your link and did a bit of Googling… maybe this is a reason for Michigan?

    Either way this isn’t just a pond, “Just to give you an idea of how big the Blanchard Mill Pond is, from east to west, it’s about six city blocks long and about three to four city blocks wide. Those who live in Blanchard said the pond is about seven to ten feet deep and over 100 years old.”

    Mid-Michigan pond runs dry

  2. “Water is disappearing from a Mid-Michigan mill pond, taking all the fish with it and leaving ducks stuck in the mud. On Tuesday, Ball and other residents went to what use to be the water’s edge, only to find out that almost overnight the lake had disappeared. Just to give you an idea of how big the Blanchard Mill Pond is, from east to west, it’s about six city blocks long and about three to four city blocks wide. Those who live in Blanchard said the pond is about seven to ten feet deep and over 100 years old”.

    Mid-Michigan pond runs dry

  3. State shuffling dollars to pay for Bayou Corne sinkhole
    Our Congress is spenting more money than its income there living beyond our means.
    Our Government can solve the debt problem they need to borrow more money so they can spend their way out of debt if that was true the poor would have done it a long time ago.
    Want To Shut Down Washington, They’ll Have To Ask China’s Permission First.
    How To Fix the Debt Crisis in America
    Fix the Debt is a joke.
    The only debt they are trying to fix is their own.

  4. Money to Egypt is temporarily being debated. You know it is dire when they are not giving money around to their favorite area of the world.

    • I don’t think it was ele. problems. everyone howling for that Stasi site to be bulldozed, blown up etc. since inception!

    • It is never a good idea to contract out major IT projects , just like the unaffordable health care program, there is no incentive to make it work. NSA has a million dollar a month utility bill. They should of consulted with the facebook building designers on how to manage the huge heat load all our spam mail creates!

      • You are right. A few years ago, in case of emergency/accident I tried to sign up with a special ‘health care’ deal in NY state. They had farmed it out to all these people like H&R Block does at tax time. Imagine signing up for a state service in the lobby of a prestigious hospital and later having some total stranger knock on your door at night with a pad of paper saying he is Joe Blow and he’d he want to sign you up to his health care file. He has no state ID, no printed matter, no business card. His tel. # is mobile phone. He wants from you YOUR ID and your date of birth and SS number!
        Just some guy off the street who got the ‘job’ of doing paper work. No office, no supervision.
        After you finally get in a program you get no health care after all and they illegally sell all of your info to phramas looking for poor people to ‘test’ on and they sell your info around to every other pharma to call you night and day blah blah….
        A nightmare.
        Better off at a voodoo shop with magic potion to cure you!

      • The big med schools are ALL in bed with big pharma!
        They make ‘deals’ for human testing. I read famous (long) book about the Congo and AIDS origins (not a firm connection) in “The River” and in there they describe NY prison system taking babies from moms at birth and telling mom she cannot hold her new baby without signing papers letting baby be used for pharma ‘trials’.
        Talk about human rights violations!

  5. Interesting info walter coin, that is almost a post in itself.

    A ferris wheel is stuck at disney with people on it.

    Don’t know yet if jumping jack flash or Bin laden has struck from the sea.

  6. Our ears are gone and now we are blind!

    Is there no money left in the pot to pay the helicorder electricity bills.

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