Thick Fog Alert for Assumption Parish & Friday News, Evening Seismic ALERT!

DENSE FOG ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 1 AM TO 10 AM CDT FRIDAY…  – hope no one drives off the berm road!

TS Karen leaves tar balls, beach erosion on Grand Isle – found at Stuart Smith’s blog

They appear to be back to work on berm roads according to the helicordersThere was a big bounce last night (Oct. 10) at about 10:45 p.m.. It showed on all the helicorders. Here it is on LA12.

Baton Rouge had a gas leak

2 Guatemala quakes, closer to the Pacific. A 4.6M and a 4.3.

The Parish Blog says business as usual today, still ar Code 1.

Evening UPDATE: Seismic activity near (mystery location near Grand Bayou and south of Hwy 70) 17-02 after 9 P.M. CST.



The cavern may have felt the giant 6.2 quake at 9:10 P.M. CST near Trinidad, off Venezuela’s coast. MAP   It usually sloshes around in there when other quakes set the helicorders on ‘TILT’.

Brain-Eating amoeba stories are below


14 thoughts on “Thick Fog Alert for Assumption Parish & Friday News, Evening Seismic ALERT!

      • Interesting reading, Walter and FCF! Was reading around over at LSU’s site earlier today. Is hard for me to stay focused when I look around there! Bounce from one subject to another 🙂 Love it!

      • I am waiting to hear back from historical place on 1812 quake … if they felt it in Assumption Parish.

      • I like reading through cultural resource sensitivity surveys. Guess I’m weird 😉 Unfortunately, I forget at least half of what I read these days. I read one of these docs not too long ago about a survey that was done by Sherwood Gagliano on an old plantation site near Napoleonville…might have been in Paincourtville. It was on the Mississippi River. Not sure, but I think the military was using the site for something and needed to be sure no significant archaeological artifacts were being disturbed. I’m pretty sure there was a good deal of geological fault info in the survey. I can’t remember if there was anything related to the 1812 quakes. I thought I saved it but, I can’t find it. I’ll look online later, when I have some time. But, might be a good source of historical info for someone who has more time than I do at the moment.

      • OK to keep it on a back burner. If you can remember the file name you search for it within yr computer.
        I hate loosing stuff.
        Just spent a whole morning reorganizing all these text notes I write to save.
        I have to save TONS of old info on all manner of Lake FUBAR things as I get inquiries in e-mail besides these comments.
        That’s why these tags are useful in the blog. If it’s posted I can usually find it that way! 🙂

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