Animal Die Offs Methane Link?

Dublinmick sent this


“If you figure in the vast number of newly reported earthquakes in “diverse places”, volcano’s, fissures (cracks) in the earth’s crust, sinkholes, and even seepage of methane and sulfur dioxide from pockets along the sea floor….add to that reported magnetic disturbances, increase in solar flare activity (Coronal Mass Ejections), something is going to happen–Earth is a bit unstable and is telling us something if we listen.”


19 thoughts on “Animal Die Offs Methane Link?

  1. Could a space clouds they are name Noctilucent clouds could they cause those mass bird and fish deaths ?
    Could those Poisonous Space Clouds Slamming Into Earth and Cause those Mass Bird And Fish Deaths ?
    Is the Earth’s magnetic pole shift unleashing poisonous space clouds ?

    • There’s supposed to be a bounce away effect by Earth’s atmosphere according to my astrophysics knowledgeable friend…

  2. It’s a bit more complicated…

    Live bacteria found deep below the seabed

    The Basics of a Chemosynthetic Ecosystem

    Hydrothermal Underwater Volcanoes and Bacteria iron, sulfur, methane eating bacteria

    Hydrogen-Powered Symbiotic Bacteria Found in Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Mussels

    ‘Supergiant’ shrimplike creatures found off New Zealand

    World-beating tuna destined for fisherman’s wall

    • thanks – we have a few earlier reports here on Arctic methane too.
      Look up ‘Arctic’ in the search bar for the other articles …

      • Ice that burns
        Methane in the bible the Ten Plagues of Egypt the plague where hail come down from the sky.

        Methane hydrate is a pink colored matter in crystalline form It is called ice that burns.
        Huge methane hydrate deposits exists on the ocean floors primarily around continental shelf drop offs.
        They are larger by far than the known oil and gas reserves.

      • That large amount is what has everybody freaking out!
        I try not to throw around the word “doomsday” but when it comes to methane in the Gulf no other word is appropriate.

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