Weekend News

Helicorders LA17-01 and LA02 stopped

or were stopped OCT. 12.     –       heli_button   Something happened at 9 a.m. Sunday at LA12.


Texas Brine put out an ‘update’ for Oct, 10. It has all about the vacuum cleaner.

North Dakota waited 11 days to tell public about oil spill . . . no arrests


LINK – http://youtu.be/b_GP0nQyHZs


4 thoughts on “Weekend News

  1. North Dakota/Tesoro spill:
    The fact that it took the company so long to report the incident, that the state is not required to report oil spills to the public and operating with an inadequate monitoring system should be corrected immediately. And, if I were the governor, I would be sure that the DHH agent who didn’t inform me of the incident was fired..or his boss… or both!

    Why is it out of EPA’s jurisdiction? How do they know that no water issues are involved yet? Are there no underground pathways to an aquifer system? How long would this pipeline have to be leaking to lose “an estimated 20,600 barrels over 7.3 acres of land, or about the size of seven football fields” from a quarter inch hole? They are cleaning up in pouring rain, which means the oil will be spread into drainage areas and possibly into aquifer recharge areas.

    [“We deal with a spill and make sure it’s cleaned up,” Roberts said. “We don’t issue press releases.”]

    Apparently, they don’t issue news reports to their governor or their North Dakota Public Service Commission either! I would fire him just for the disrespectful way in which he answered to the press/community! Their DHH isn’t required to report spills to any other state officials/agencies? Only the company is required to report to the state officials? And, what the heck was the DHH agent doing working with the company to draft a press release???

    Nothing is mentioned about what the company is doing to compensate this farmer for his losses. I would think that, if only for the sake of public relations, the company would have made that known.

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