Monday News – Helicorders Missing Time + Philippines Quake Effect

At 4 a.m. there is 15 minutes missing from all the helicorders. Example – LA14 chart.

Thanks to Walter for this top – 😉

The Parish blog says Crosstex is flaring or maybe not, anyway it’s of no concern to you little people –


Another  gas leak in the N.O. area –

Gas leak causes evacuation of 1-block area in Terrytown  < Terrytown is S.E. of New Orleans – MAP

WAFB has a story with astonishing video of lightening striking a lake in E. Texas.  What if it happened at Lake FUBAR?


Big Pilippines quake shakes up Lake FUBAR at 8 p.m. – see LA12 helicorder showing FLUID MOVEMENT

. . . it won’t stop shakin’!


Dutchsinse talks about the big quake on this video, then gets into methane hydrates off the coast of Florida



14 thoughts on “Monday News – Helicorders Missing Time + Philippines Quake Effect

  1. FCF, this is the link ( from the article titled, “Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse?, by Ellen Brown, about the multi-national participant “Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill” scheduled for this Thursday, October 17, which you had reblogged from Dandelion Salad at your Flying Cuttlefish Picayune site. I found the portion below particularly interesting. Were these quakes picked up on the seismic monitors at the sinkhole? Wonder if we can see the charts from this date? Am going to check.

    [The recent swarms produced roughly four quakes that were large enough to feel.
    The first, a magnitude 3.5, struck Sept. 13 northeast of West Yellowstone, Mont. Then, in the early hours Sept. 15, two quakes, a magnitude 3.2 and magnitude 3.4, were detected in quick succession at 5:10 and 5:11 a.m., southeast of West Yellowstone. The magnitude 3.6 that marked the peak of the swarm struck north of the Old Faithful Geyser about 4 1/2 hours later.
    “They weren’t big earthquakes, but they were felt,” said Bob Smith, a University of Utah geophysics professor who has been monitoring seismic activity in and around the Yellowstone Caldera for 53 years.
    About half a dozen earthquakes are felt in Yellowstone in an average year, he said.
    “This is pretty unusual, to be honest,” Smith said.
    Still, Pearson was more intrigued by the Sept. 21 earthquake that took place outside of Yellowstone National Park, in an area west of Fort Washakie, Wyo., beneath the northeastern side of the Wind River Range. That earthquake had a magnitude of 4.9 — 20 times larger in magnitude (and it released about 80 times more energy) than the magnitude 3.6 quake in Yellowstone last week, he said.
    “Whereas most of the earthquakes within Yellowstone occurred at depths of less than 10 km (6 miles), this earthquake occurred at a depth of about 74 km (46 miles), which is within the earth’s mantle and at an unusual depth for the area,” Pearson said.]

    Louisiana is not a participant in the Great ShakeOut event but maybe we should be. The great quakes on the New Madrid were felt here. There are aerial pictures of land features throughout Louisiana that geologists suggested might be sand blows, such as occurred in other states affected by the New Madrid quakes. Again, I remember it from a document I read a long while back and have no idea if I saved it or where I found it. I will have to think about it and see if I can relocate it.

    Sorry, for another longggg post 😦

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  3. The Pakistan 7.8 quake showed up similar if I remember. Both quakes very shallow and far away, it seem anything bigger than a mag 7 rattles the old girls fillings. I don’t want to see what effect a nearer or deeper quake of this scales or bigger does.

    • The only thing is, in my imagination, below lake FUBAR there is fragile situation. Frail cavern walls and crumbling cap rock. I don’t know what happens after 2 hours of shaking.

  4. Yep. Something moved or fell in during the shaking alright.
    Just look at the green spike above the “E” where you added

    Glad I don’t live in the Philippenes 16 Mag 4.6+ quakes in the last 12 hours.

    • yeah! Just cause it starts as a foreign quake doesn’t mean everything isn’t a shambles!
      Like a can of rocks being shaken!

  5. Both La17’s have returned from their brief holiday, just in time to show this nice little spike almost immediately

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