Oct. 17 Earthquake “Drill” SAME DAY as US Debt Deadline

OK … speculate away!

flying cuttlefish picayune

Item:  Great ShakeOut earthquake drill set Oct. 17

Contributor, Ms Reesa at the Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle noticedthis comes the same day as the debt default scare.

MarketWatch –Oct. 14, 2013, – U.S. stocks decline as debt-limit deadline looms
“With the nation’s borrowing authority scheduled to expire in three days, Senate Majority Leader... blah, blah…

We bet Wall Street traders will be under desks on Oct. 17th and it won’t be for any earthquake drill!

DANDELION SALAD – Oct 7 –   Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse? by Ellen Brown

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36 thoughts on “Oct. 17 Earthquake “Drill” SAME DAY as US Debt Deadline

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    • They MESS with stats!
      Mine down about 2/3s today …. But many visits to recent post about the amoeba a few days ago. About 100 so it must’ve been mentioned on a b log or forum or two. But stats don’t say urls.
      They are not fooling anyone!

    • Dublinsmick, I read about your problems, and I read Flyingcuttlefish’s explaination. I figured that would suffice. Until leaving this blog. and trying to access another page. My screen locked while trying to load the next page. This happens often after I access this blog., but usually after I leave a comment. Sometimes I have problems with never ending downloads of pages on this blog. Fortunately I access this blog. on my smart phone and can reset my device by taking out the battery for 30 seconds. I’ve had other irritations with my device. TPTB do not want anyone to inform the public. I’ve already spent too much time on this “reply.” Better get going before TPTB kick me off.

  2. 5.4 6km NNE of Nueva Fuerza, Philippines2013-10-14 19:29:06 UTC-05:0087.8 km

    7.2 5km E of Balilihan, Philippines2013-10-14 19:12:37 UTC-05:0056.8 km

    3.4 44km WNW of Green River, Wyoming2013-10-14 19:03:27 UTC-05:00-3.0 km

  3. The worst problems I have had involve the sinkhole and the Russian version. I suppose somehow the TPTB think it is not good to have the Russian scientists agree with any of us. I can’t figure out anything else why this would happen.

    I get links blocked sometimes at darkmoon but it is one of those out the zios type blogs. Sometimes a link there will simply not post where wording will.

    I got link here that shows the kind of hits being supressed on word press. I think it has something to do with paltalk.com

    • You Tube said Kevin Blanch’s recent video had 300 some visitors and it probably had over 3,000.
      The only use I get out of my stats is sometimes there’s a news lead in there.

  4. I meant to say you will never know paltalk.com was there unless you check often. When I went to stats they were there and so were over a thousand hits. I checked back later and paltalk.com was gone and so were the hits!!!

  5. About the quake at the sinkhole last night yes there was a real earthquake at the sinkhole.

    Date 14, 2013
    Look at the Arkansas recorder it show movement at 21:17 CDT or 2:17 UTC time it show movement.

    One of the recorder at the sinkhole The LA10 bottom borehole Bayou Corne, LA
    The recorder show movement at the sinkhole from 19:32 CDT that 00:32 UTC time.

    all those recorder there.

    • Could that flaring last night make the earth at the sinkhole to shake ?
      October 14, 2013
      9:50 a.m. Possible Flaring at Crosstex
      Crosstex has reported to us that there may be some possible flaring this morning, due directly to
      maintenance, at their facility. If flaring does occur, it should be only minor in nature.

      • Yes there was a real tremor that happen at that sinkhole last night not the 7.2 quake in the Philippines the Philippine quake show movement on sinkhole recorder at 21:17 CDT or 2:17 UTC time.
        The one at the sinkhole began at 19:32 CDT that 00:32 UTC time last night

  6. Has anyone else had a problem viewing this site? I haven’t been able to see anything for the last 2 days but basic headlines and code – when I click I would get a blank screen. Just wondering if it was my computer or charter internet or if others have also been having an issue?

    • yes, … I am getting reports.

      It maybe a computer vs mobile device problem,
      Wordpress is very shi++y on mobile devices.
      I am getting complaints.

      • I think a good analysis of this problem would be to find mobile users whom have had difficulties with their device after entering a comment or accessing this blog. I never had problems with this blog. in August 2012 until about maybe March of this year. The problems seem to be based on the type of “comments” provided. TPTB do not appreciate any critical comments.
        So, anyone that accesses this blog. and has had problems during and/or after entering a “comment” should inform Flyingcuttlefish of the difficulties. We can figure out how many of the problems occurred during and/or after entering information and wether or not the information was antiTexas Brine information. Also, we can figure out if all problems occurred with mobile devices.
        Thanks for the help.

  7. My problems are on my laptop. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to access this site on my phone. And it’s only been the last 2 days. Today everything seems fine. I don’t know if this is any help but thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one with problems on this site. It’s really weird.

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