Jim Lee has Discovered Nuke Tests on Top of Salt Domes!


  • Bayou Corne contamination info

  • nuke waste storage at Napoleonville

  • USGS hiding New Madrid Fault Zone quakes

  • much, much more!

The video is in the next post




4 thoughts on “Jim Lee has Discovered Nuke Tests on Top of Salt Domes!

  1. Two nuclear bombs were exploded in Mississippi’s Tatum Salt Dome, about 20 miles southwest of Hattiesburg, as part of Project Dribble.

    The world’s first nuclear test name Trinity on July 16, 1945.
    Before Trinity: The 100 Ton of TNT Test
    100 Tons of TNT = .1 Kilotons

    Atomic Bombs in Kilotons
    1000 KT = 1 MT
    Hydrogen Bombs in Megatons

    All the nuclear atomic tests on a video name “Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie”

  2. As scary as the amount of nuke test sites shown on the map is I don’t think the US stooped as low as our UK government, we did all our Dirty testing in the Australian outback with the only protection to service men observing was the advice to cover their eyes, many believe that troops were deliberately exposed to radiation to gauge its effect, but the Australian and British governments consistently deny this.
    Many surviving servicemen are still fighting for compensation

    • I agree with Moret who says the Manhattan project never stopped and effects of radiation were being watched by Los Alomos doctors etc.
      I believe it as there is unified front by NIH and med establishment to ignore effects of radiation and all cancers it causes.

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