Parish: Modifications to Passive Seismic Monitoring

They do this because things are so calm at Lake FUBAR ….

‘nuther ‘update’(useless)

Assumption Parish Police Jury

Modifications to Passive Seismic Monitoring at Bayou Corne

In coordination with DNR and APOEP, Texas Brine is relocating sensors and adding additional resources to the passive seismic monitoring system already in place.  This is part of an ongoing effort to monitor for tremors and pinpoint tremor locations with greater accuracy.  The near-surface seismic stations at LA15 and LA16 will be decommissioned and moved to two new sites to improve the quality of the seismic monitoring data.  These two new near-surface stations will also be deployed in 60 foot boreholes.  The first station is approximately 600 feet NNW of station LA12 and a second site, located approximately 1700 feet east of the Oxy Geismar 3 cavern will be installed October 16-18.  

In addition, a 4.5 Hz 3-component 963 ft deep seismic sensor was deployed in the new G-01 seismic monitoring well.  This sensor will augment the surface monitoring effort, and…

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6 thoughts on “Parish: Modifications to Passive Seismic Monitoring

  1. So they are moving 15 & 16!
    I had assumed they were there on the edge of the cap rock to pick up any activity in the cap rock splitting or subsiding due to the ground underneath moving? As all the other sensors are around the lake or on the edge of the dome.
    Well I hope they give 15 a service before its relocated.

    Also is it just my imagination or does the water level look a lot higher in the latest flyover video? Especially towards the end few seconds looking back at the SW corner.

    • All I know about water level is there are times when the bayou naturally is ‘high’ and ‘low’ so I can’t tell if there is run off, those high times or the berms less leaky.

  2. Does anyone have an explanation as to why, right around 1 PM, it appears that timed seismic explosions are happening on the LA10 monitor? I didn’t look at the others yet? To the untrained eye (mine), these sure look to be at regular intervals and mini explosions. Any seismic experts out there? Come on, Freedomrox, what’s your take? We miss you!

    • I think maybe they are drilling a borehole or a geo-phone hole with some sort of a pounding machine. But that’s a wild guess.

      • Are they doing major work at regular intervals tonite also? Look at LA16. Same kind of intervals but pretty heavy duty. Just now.

      • The usually quit at dinnertime. But maybe a generator or something was put nearby.
        Lots or sporadic spikes overnight, I think are things slamming around below.
        They need to change that Code 1 before they hurt somebody!!

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