Russian View Of Bayou Corne Sinkhole, Word Press has deleted over 1000 Hits On This Article Today, If Not They Allowed It


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Read carefully, this post shows no hits after receiving thousands of hits! Thousands of hits have been scraped of visitors here for some reason.

There were over 1000 views of this a little while ago according to stats. Now there are zero hits on this. WordPress or someone else has erased all evidence of any activity on this post at all, so it must ring a bell.

This is a Russian analysis of Bayou Corne Sinkhole. It is not the entire article and not all of the photos as they can be found in the link below. The paragraphs are skewed due to the translation.

Metastases of the Gulf of Mexico. Part of 14-7 (continuation; it is earlier: of part 1, 14-6) this is genocide. Thisis the problem of entire state.Arsenic and another kontaminantov in the water[… it became] it is more, and situation deteriorates. Senator Fred Mills about proceeding at Lake of Pener and in to bey-Korn. Failure, which will be delivered by abyss in this part of the survey we let us in detail study the chronicle of the growth of gigantic karstic funnelin Louisiana, by which the year was recently carried out. Fact more that usually quickWikipedia is thus far meager to the information.American geologists declare, which nowhere in the world nothing similar was observed never.

After the phenomenon to bey-Korna even was fastened the title “of the mothers of all karsticfailures”. But meanwhile from this failure creeps out “methane gin”, against which is powerless American of the Ministry of Emergencies and the army. However, what this for thephenomenon? Is not…

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6 thoughts on “Russian View Of Bayou Corne Sinkhole, Word Press has deleted over 1000 Hits On This Article Today, If Not They Allowed It

  1. Reducing the amount of hits puts the story/video further and further down the list of most viewed stories/videos. Alternative news and MSM news sites keep stories/videos on their sites based on the stories/videos with the most hits. So if WordPress, for example, cuts the number of hits then the story/video falls off the radar. Thus not allowing the story/video to be seen by all.

    • OK – put it somewhere my readers can find!
      Like in ‘about’ section of a you tube vid or somewhere.
      Take your time.
      I have journos reading this blog.

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