Another Slough In + Tuesday News

. . . reported by neighbors today at N.E. corner of Lake FUBAR.

 – from Freedomrox

 The Parish Blog put out an updateit doesn’t mention the slough in but it may have gone out before. It has no time stamp. They are sticking with CODE 2.  Let’s see if they keep it that way til work tomorrow.

Crosstex has an update (2 days old).


The helicorders are still poppin’ off but not as bad as Sunday to Monday. About 11:30 A.M. something pretty big made a plunkLA17-02 got some sort of repair and is giving less alarming charts today.

Something happened at just after 11 p.m.. It showed on all the monitors. Here is LA14:


It’s even bigger on LA18

Baymuse sent this in – 😉


6 thoughts on “Another Slough In + Tuesday News

  1. Maybe the beginning of the end?

    I look out at the skies towards Bayou Corn area whenever I travel west a lot lately looking and wondering if I will see that big blast in the sky, wondering how it will affect me at that moment should I be within the area when TSHTF.

  2. Perhaps it’s time for the cartographers to do an update! Assumption Parish renamed Consumption Parish, Port Fourchon to Port TARFU, Bayou Corn to Syphon Circuit, and add the latest permanent attraction Lake FUBAR.
    Louisiana – The next set for the remake of “Journey to the Bottom of the Sea”!
    Do you think Ringling Brothers Circus may have jobs for the TPTB when TSHTF?

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