Odd News About Gunboats in Louisiana

This was sent in –

Info Wars – Unmarked Military Gunboats Patrol Louisiana Canals

LINK –  http://youtu.be/Uu3mqjHB9R8

Slidell is on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain.  MAP


12 thoughts on “Odd News About Gunboats in Louisiana

  1. Armed but unmarked….wonder what language they speak. Are they supposed to protect residents from the massive, multifaceted mess of oil and various gases that was created by the affair of government and big oil companies?? God help us all!!!!!

  2. That was very disturbing! Why?!! Surely not because of the sinkhole by itself, their guns are of no use against that. What do they know that we do not? Is this all about to hit the fan and they are expecting people to freak out or are expecting the government to declare martial law and will need to enforce it? I do not like the look of this at all.

  3. Is this the Army’s new mutant gator response squad 🙂

    Bloke on LHS of second boat in jeans and black t-shirt looks a bit out of place?

  4. I sent this video to Scalise and Vitter, we’ll see if I get a response. For those who don’t know Scalise is the Congressman in that area and Vitter is one of our illustrious Senators.

    • Good work Tony! You would think they would be just shocked as we are to see the threatening posture of such heavily-armed u-boats that SOMEBODY sent into a quiet residential neighborhood. Who are they there to intimidate? Could it be the Duck Dynasty? Because that bunch of old hippies are armed Christains, which alone qualifies them all for enemy status under Obama’s new rules of engagement of the local populous here in the USA. And if look close I count 7 (armour-plated) machine guns on each boat that sure look like 50 calibers to me! That’s enough concentrated firepower to level those houses that line those waterways, and kill any living humans inside.

    • I think this video is picking up steam. Many reposting it on YouTube.
      It was sent in by a reader …. not my find 😉

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  6. This blog, I think, is subject to internet censorship. I have more than the usual problems even looking at the site when my computer easily accesses other websites (as long as the topic isn’t Bayou Corne, NSA spying or Fukushima!).
    This censorship is talked about in this video (put also on the FC blog) –

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