South Berm Cracking

A CRACK ?!?!

Trouble below shown on the helicorders continues through to SUNDAY!


Assumption Parish Police Jury

A crack has developed on the South Berm, south/southwest of pad 3. There is also increased seismic activity occurring. We will continue to monitor the south berm and sinkhole for any changes and will update accordingly.

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6 thoughts on “South Berm Cracking

  1. I’m just surprised that its only a crack after the last few days activity.
    They need to do an emergency subsidence survey to see what area has sunk to cause this.

    • It’ll most probably be the same section of the southern berm that submerged a while ago.

      South/south-west of pad 3 would be approximately on the eastern edge of that section.

      If it where me, I’d be checking the section of the berm to the west of helicorder LA12 for similar cracks or deformations.

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