Seismos Still Banging Away Mon. – Tues. + News


Everything still bangin’ away like Monday. There was a short duration fluid movement at a few minutes after 2 A.M. at LA12 and LA18.

4 P.M. CST – Helicorders look VERY BAD.  VERY BAD.

Texas Brine has a new Inspection Report (10-29). Their letter to Conservation dated Oct. 25th has more info as it is before the CODE 3 was called. They have “NA”, not available, entered for all the info on the tilt meters. Sounds like Texas Brine to have none of that important info.






WLOX – Crack develops on berm at giant sinkhole site

There has been more activity at the site of the giant sinkhole in southeast Louisiana, including the development of a crack on one of the berms.

According to the Assumption Parish Police Jury, the crack developed this weekend on the south berm, which is located south/southwest of pad three. . . .

The Advocate –  State looks for local help to keep drinking water safe
Threats to groundwater discussed

“GONZALES — The state’s Department of Environmental Quality is looking for Ascension Parish residents to help keep their local drinking water free of contamination.
Geologists with the agency’s Drinking Water Protection Team held a community meeting Thursday evening at Gonzales City Hall as part of their ongoing campaign, “Protect Drinking Water One Drop at a Time.”
During the meeting, officials outlined the program and provided the public with an opportunity to sign up for a volunteer committee aimed at educating the community on drinking water protection.
The meeting was one of two scheduled for Ascension Parish, with the second set 6 p.m. Nov. 7 at Donaldsonville City Hall, 609 Railroad Ave . . . “

Reminder – the Office of Conservation will take public comments through the close of business on Monday, November 4, 2013. Details.

Creep Out Dept.: Hairless swamp coyote on the loose! – WAFB – Mysterious creature in Picayune resembles “El Chupacabra” < has Video – Picayune, Miss. is near Louisiana on Rt. 11 a little north of Lake Pontchartrain. MAP

♦ We found a new tid-bit on our search for Folyd Karsten

Inquiry – does anyone know of a map showing Bubble Site 44? A reader is looking for it. Post to comments if you find a source.


6 thoughts on “Seismos Still Banging Away Mon. – Tues. + News

  1. Protect the groundwater???…so when does Texas Brine start THEIR education classes..cause they are really ignorant!! Real ignorant..criminally so.

  2. Leuren Moret said in one of those videos I sent over to “Fukushima Update” on the Flying Cuttlefish Picayun yesterday that the moose on the northern boarder were loosing their hair because of Fukushima radiation. She said other animals were effected. I’ve heard mention around here of tick infestation.

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