Koch Brothers Exposed

They have EVERYTHING to do with Louisiana politics, the Jindal administration and Bayou Corne

LINK –   http://youtu.be/UTwqkl8BqSc


2 thoughts on “Koch Brothers Exposed

  1. This is a very important documentary. It shows that the Koch brothers are truly sick or evil. They seem to spend more on harming the poor and trying to stop aid to the poor than it would cost to do things right and help. How else to explain that than diabolical?

    Here is one link to the Louisiana Coastal Erosion lawsuit naming Koch and Marathon oil among others. It is the lawsuit which Jindal has clearly said he wants to stop and got rid of John Barry and others in an attempt to do so.

    Jindal is said to have received funding from Marathon (see CREW Worst Governors). Marathon seems to co-own at least one pipeline with the Koch brothers. Both have interests in the oil sands too.

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