What’s Going On-n-n ???? LA 14 Bonkers!

LA14 off the rails –


LARGE FLUID MOVEMENT AT 10 P.M. – on ALL helicorders!


6.2 Quake with many aftershocks in Chile, Pacific coast. It may be causing havoc at Bayou Corne.


13 thoughts on “What’s Going On-n-n ???? LA 14 Bonkers!

  1. This happen at 22:03 CDT time or 03:03 UTC time at the sinkhole
    I can’t find where this one came from ?
    It could be this one W of Constitucion, Chile with a Magnitude for 6.2 but this one was not deep in the ground with a Depth of 10.8 mi.

    A recorder for Arkansas X202 HHZ NM 00 : Temporary, Arkansas

    Recorder for the bottom of sink hole LA10 HHZ YC 03 : Bayou Corne, LA bottom borehole

    Home for those temporary recorder

  2. Mmmmmmm
    It’s got the typical saw tooth edge of a remote quake but its got there too fast (13 mins) to be the Chile 6.2, I think what we have here is two quakes the earlier 5.8 Chile quake (below) followed directly by the one Walter has indicated.

    Magnitude 5.8
    Date time 2013-10-30 02:29:12.0 UTC
    Location 35.36 S ; 73.01 W
    Depth 15 km

    • I will add a squib about Chile’s many aftershocks … but even so…. Lake FUBAR is a mess. Jello down below!

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