4:55 p.m. Second Crack in Berm Discovered

Keep watching. . . .

And  rain is on the way says the weather report.

WAFB – Second crack develops in berm at Bayou Corne sinkhole < no pictures of it

Assumption Parish Police Jury

A second crack has been discovered on the South Berm toward the western corner. Although this crack doesn’t go all the way across the berm, we will continue to monitor all these areas for continued changes.

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15 thoughts on “4:55 p.m. Second Crack in Berm Discovered

  1. 20 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway closed due to large crack in road
    It’s back open now the fall color are not far off.
    There a lot better video then this one.
    2012 Blue Ridge Parkway & Skyline Drive

    Blue Ridge Parkway
    The Blue Ridge Parkway is more than a road – it’s a. The 469-mile scenic Blue Ridge Parkway

      • I don’t have any 3 D glasses

        Ashville, NC, The Blue Ridge Parkway, and The Biltmore House.
        Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina.
        Cherokee, North Carolina.
        Gem stone in Franklin, North Carolina.
        The Parkway will be depicted on North Carolina’s version of the America the Beautiful quarter in 2015.
        Blue Ridge Parkway construction of the parkway took over 52 years to complete, the last stretch (near the Linn Cove Viaduct) laid around Grandfather Mountain and opening in 1987.

        highest point in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or is it.
        High On Mount LeConte Lodge the only way to it is to hike up.
        Mount Le Conte (or LeConte it is 6,593 ft (2,010 m) above sea level it is the third highest peak in the national park.

  2. I know it’s ‘code 3’ and they’re not supposed to be working, but are they up to something near LA 14, because it’s going ‘bat-shit crazy’

    Judging by all of the helicorders something is going on, and I don’t think it’s caused by man.

  3. Pretty sure LA14 is on PAD 9 that they are doing the 3A venting from. Have no idea as to the mechanics of venting but I bet it’s not as simple as opening up a tap. The fact they stated last week it would take a few days to get the equipment in to do this would suggest that whatever needs connecting up may need to be pressurised to match the pressure below before it is “safely” released. Guessing that all the noise is from a huge compressor.

  4. I think they must follow this blog as I just noticed this line from the office of conservation update

    – Performing weekly subsidence survey

    Not seen this line in the updates before, and I posted that it needed doing on the 26th when the crack appeared (must be desperate if they are taking advice from me 🙂 ).
    Should I send them a bill for technical advice 😀

      • LOL!
        How about a house on old shells from the cannery and soft CLAY? The “good news” is the lake will spread to the south when it doubles in size (!!!) — Texas Brine famous quote.

        NOTE- WordPress is blocking me from updating etc. and it takes about an HOUR to mention this new 6.6. quake in Taiwan.
        I have to re-start to post.

    • and we’ll get a NEW word for it if the scattered showers due cause extra water and extra weight inside the circus ring!
      Like spill slots in Boulder dam . . .

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