So. Berm Crack in the News + Wed. News

The Parish Blog has a bunch of news today.

  • Starting out this morning they say Southern Natural gas has reported to us that they are performing pipeline maintenance this morning to their pipeline north of Derrick Street.” – – so that may show up on the helicorders.
  • Then, Texas Brine has a statement about the crack and all the seismic activity.
  • Then, Conservation gives off a list of what they are doing.
  • Then, Texas Brine is back with an new statement about the seismic activity. Don’t worry, it’s MICRO-quakes, we have experts, blah, blah… But they must be worried to bother communicating twice in one day when they usually ignore all the seismos.
  • T-H-E-N . . . (see ABOVE POST) 


WAFB – Crack in Bayou Corne sinkhole berm concerns residents < with VIDEO & PHOTOSVIDEO LINK

The big crack goes all the way across the road!

Crack develops on berm at giant sinkhole site


Stuart Smith’s blog – Magazine exposes how Big Oil lobbyists run Louisiana

“The [Harper’s Magazine] article does feature a revealing encounter with a well-known oil industry lobbyist, Ginger Sawyer, who is currently working on petroleum issues for the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry. Possibly thinking, mistakenly, that Silverstein was a pro-industry journalist with the same name, Baker spoke candidly about Gov. Bobby Jindal’s close ties to the oil companies at the time of his election and how Big Oil is already working on a legislative backup plan in case its latest attempt to block lawsuits by pollution victims is struck down in the courts. . . .”

Fuel Fix – North Dakota oil spill spotlights Obama rule delay

Three years after an oil pipeline rupture in Michigan spilled 843,000 gallons of sludge, government regulators still have not produced promised rules to compel operators to detect leaks. . . .

Seismic activity increase – SEE NEXT POST –



3 thoughts on “So. Berm Crack in the News + Wed. News

  1. When a berm is built on subsiding ground, the berm road is expected to crack and fall apart. That’s just COMMON SENCE!!!
    Welcome back Flyingcuttlefish. I read about your “buggle” access problems on radioactive chat.

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