6.6 Quake Off Chile – May Show on Helicorders

(Reuters) – A magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck off the coast of Chile on Thursday, the United States Geological Survey reported.

Expect aftershocks.

How’s those cracks holding up, Texas Brine? Anyone there after 5 p.m. to look at them?

6 thoughts on “6.6 Quake Off Chile – May Show on Helicorders

  1. If these helicorders are picking up every quake around the world too, is there any way to filter those other incidents out…

    Wonder if all this activity is covering up something bigger going on in that hole, and TPTB just don’t want to tell us that we are ALL FUBAR!!!!

    • No real need to filter out quakes from foreign parts as SHE usually only picks up major quakes M6 upwards and these will be seen on recorders all over the world. The difference between a M6 and M7 qauke is ten times the amount of ground movement but nearly 32 times the force (about the equivalent of 15 Kilotons of TNT for a M6 as opposed to 480 kilotons for a M7). If you are referring to the micro earthquakes then you don’t want them filtered out as these are very local events and not earthquakes in the normal sense created by tectonic plate movement but by a combination of shocks felt by the following: fluid movement between the sinkhole and cavern, slough ins, salt rock fracturing, chunks falling in etc.

      • to see several maps showing global LIVE quake info see the the Blog Roll on the sidebar and select ‘Radioactive Chat’.
        That’s where I usually get quake news along with the RSS feed on the lower part of the sidebar.
        Bayou Corne seems to take far away quakes and react in a big way to them. It seems like slurry down below Lake FUBAR.

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