If TEPCO Ran the Salt Cavern Collapse Response

Ah,. . .  if only the Lake FUBAR fix was as efficient and scientific as TEPCO’s response to multiple melt-downs at their Fukushima-Daiichi nuke plant in Japan!

THEY  would:

  • Hire unskilled workers who don’t know what each other are doing
  • Drive real fast by toxic areas they are supposed to measure for toxicity
  • Hide information from the public
  • Get rid of toxic waste without measuring it for toxicity
  • Give out lots of peppy press releases saying everything is fine
  • Respond when things get worse by saying “We expected that!”
  • Use the cheapest material for temporary fixes to make things “look good”
  • Keep photographers away
  • Silence workers
  • Enlist health authorities to minimize toxicity of air, water and soil
  • Claim they have the best brains in the world working on the problem while shutting out the best brains in the world
  • Gouge displaced residents of relief money or relocation money
  • Encourage the government to hold mega-sports event nearby a big danger zone

SEE –  Hellish Conditions for Fukushima Workers

ALSO – see comments on this post for some more info on NORM stored at Bayou Corne.


12 thoughts on “If TEPCO Ran the Salt Cavern Collapse Response

  1. <> Tornado Warning ( via Weather bug )

    Alerts for Assumption, LA
    Alert 1: Tornado Watch – Expires: 11/1/2013 12:00AM
    Bulletin – Immediate Broadcast RequestedTornado Watch Outline Update For Wt 552Nws Storm Prediction Center Norman OK1230 PM CDT Thu Oct 31 2013
    Tornado Watch 552 Is In Effect Until 700 PM CDT For The Following Locations
    LA . Louisiana Parishes Included Are
    Ascension Assumption East Baton Rouge East Feliciana Iberville Jefferson Livingston Orleans Pointe Coupee St. Charles St. Helena St. James St. John The Baptist St. Tammany Tangipahoa Washington West Baton Rouge West Feliciana

    • I am sorry not to link to yr comment.. but I could BARELY post the warning!
      They are meddling with my blog!
      45 min. to do 2 min. worth of editing 😦

      • I experience similar trouble. I compile and edit information seperately from the blog., jump onto the blog. and quickly “past” information to post before mysterious problems arise.

      • oh, and i checked ‘support’ and jumped thru all these hoops like clearing my cache ….
        to no avail.
        I think they have a spyder bot out on certain topics. OR they want me to kick in and pay a bunch for ‘premium’ service!

  2. I was looking up breeder reactors the other night on wikipedia and came across somthing I thought I’d throw out there about n.o.r.m.
    While looking that up on wikipedia, there was a chart of the fissile elements that a breeder reactor can make (a breeder reactor basically produces more fissile material than is put in to it). Well on the chart it had an “no” next to all the natuarlly occuring elements to signify that these are considered norm.


    These included radium 228, uranium 232, radium 226, uranium 234, plutonium 244, thorium 232, uranium 238, uranium 235 and protactinium 231.

    Im no expert on decay chains and nuclear waste. But there was alot of hoop la early on about norm being dumped in this particular cavern. But It would now appear to me that norm doesn’t only include scale from drilling pipes like they said.

    • a very useful tid bit! DOW tries to minimize and hide toxic effects of radioactive elements at every turn.
      DOE is a gang of horrible criminals.

  3. In fact by the very definition of n.o.r.m. (Naturally occuring radioactive material), the isitopes of uranium and thorium that are mined for use as nuclear fuel and to make weapons would be norm also, as they occur natually, no matter how consitrated. I think its uranium 237

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