Strange Sounds on Yellowstone Supervolcano

Yellowstone Supervolcano: Earthquakes Represent the Real Killer Hazard Events
The pervasive hazard in Yellowstone is earthquakes. They are the killer events.

“The Yellowstone crustal [magma] reservoir is 250 percent larger than previously imaged,”

We follow the Yellowstone volcano news because it may relate to underground events in Louisiana.

4 thoughts on “Strange Sounds on Yellowstone Supervolcano

  1. I will link this one, I try and keep up with yellowstone myself. They say a full eruption would kill off everything in and 800 to 1000 mile radius due to gases alone.

    Nice pic here of potential ash cover.

    • I am having a horrible time with WordPress last 72 hours.
      They will NOT let me post news.
      I can work on other websites etc.
      But Bayou Corne vids, comments, blogs they kick me off the net!
      they have jiggered something/
      I may title everything from now on “Puppy News”!!

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  3. If Yellowstone goes we won’t have to worry about the ol’ Corn Hole or Texas brine. I bet CNN and Fox would still be covering Benghazi and Obamacare failures.

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