Public Broadcasting Show on Bayou Corne, Big Quake Makes Fluid Move at Lake Fubar + Weekend News

See the LPB show from last night HERE.  < video link < alt. link from Stuart Smith

FLUID MOVEMENT UNDER LAKE FUBAR AT 8 P.M. – on the helicorders.  It lasted about 2 hours! It was probably set off by this mega-quake in Indonesia. M6.4 at 7:24 CST.

Florida – Sanibel Island waters – “Swimmers and surfers are being met with dead fish along some of our Southwest Florida beaches. It is happening on one of the busiest weekends for some fun in the water. Red tide is the culprit of what is behind the fish after fish along the beach. . . .”

Texas Brine put out a fact sheet on all the good they doing in Bayou Corne, dated 11-27.

The Dallas NewsNorth Texas earthquakes trigger dam inspections

The AdvocateMonolyte bankruptcy filing may affect residents’ lawsuit
Claimants say fire hurt health, property
“The company that owned and operated a chemical facility in Slaughter destroyed by a fire a year ago has filed for bankruptcy, which could complicate matters for the 32 East Feliciana Parish residents seeking damages for respiratory problems and diminished property values they attribute to the blaze.”

A reader  says, “Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, LLC is a Limited Liability Company and claims to be an Intrastate company, not an Interstate company. Who is their insurer? Shouldn’t the LA Dept. of Natural Resources make sure that these companies can cover any damage that they cause before issuing permits?

The Department of Natural Resources, Office of Coastal Management, has already issued one permit to expand and add 2 natural gas storage caverns to Jefferson Island Storage & Hub under Lake Peigneur in Vermilion/Iberia parishes without an Environmental Impact Statement, Federal standard, no seismic studies, bubbling in the lake, Chicot aquifer problems and already one horrific disaster there.

All they want to do is profit off the state and the people of Louisiana and not be responsible for their actions and the people they hurt.” and we agree!

The helicorders are still going crazy. Instead of posting that every day we will put up a big headline when it stops.  Scroll down for more on them and maps of where they are etc.



Friday News – Big Explosion in MO, 12 Salt Caverns at Risk Near Lake FUBAR

MO – Pipeline blast lights up Pettis County sky
HUGHESVILLE (AP) — A 30-inch natural gas pipeline ruptured in a rural area in western Missouri, causing an explosion and fire that could be seen for several miles. No injuries were reported, authorities said today. . . .

12 more salt caverns with thin walls discovered near La. sinkhole

BATON ROUGE, La. | At least 12 salt-dome caverns in Louisiana are as close to the edge of their supporting underground formations as the one that collapsed last year and caused a huge sinkhole in Assumption Parish. . . .

(11-25) Data show 12 other Louisiana salt caverns with thin walls

That TV Show on Bayou Corne is on TONIGHT!
Tune in Tonight!  TV, LPB – “Louisiana, The State We’re In”
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LEAN comments in response to proposed rules for
Hydrocarbon Storage Wells in Salt Dome Cavities
and Class III Solution Mining Injection Wells .

LA11 Beast Sleepy from Frost?

Maybe it isn’t the freezing temperatures overnight and this morning but LA11 has calmed down. We’re watching this holiday since maybe no one else is!

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6:30 P.M. (CST) UPDATE – Helicorders have the grumpies. Not so calm now.

NBC 33 – Sinkhole saga < tells about the DNR public hearing

WISTV in S. Carolina has an archived news page about Lake FUBAR.

 Some news bits here found on Idaho Picker‘s page, Net-Vibes.

• There was a North Texas 3.6 quake near Ft. Worth just before 2 A.M. CST.

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Lakeview Residents of Lake Peigneur invite you to celebrate “The Beauty of Lake Peigneur” event in collaboration with the Green Army Of Louisiana and Save Lake Peigneur.
Saturday, December 7, 2013
~ Honored Guest LT General Russel Honoré~
Live Music by The Cajun Trio

Acadian Museum Annex
 11607 LA. Hwy 89
Vermilion Parish
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Something Happening Here. . .


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