Collapsed Salt Dome Trick-or-Treat

All helicorders soaping windows for Halloween !





18 thoughts on “Collapsed Salt Dome Trick-or-Treat

  1. I got a weird feeling this thing might grow expedentually all at once, too much shaking going on coupled with fluid movement.

    • and twice or more Texas Brine has officially called this activity MICRO-quakes when talking about Code 2 or Code 3 status.
      They did it on the Parish Blog press releases.

      Where is the press??????

  2. several news items added to Thursday news … so scroll down 😉
    WWLTV has a good tv news report.
    CB&I refused an interview with them. They are afraid of questions from reporters who do homework.
    They continue to lie that Weeks Is. salt dome collapse never happened and they never heard of one before.

  3. I thought WWLTV did a very good report. I haven’t always been very impressed with their television pieces but I liked this one. And, yes, you sneaked a whole bunch of news in there that I didn’t see yesterday 🙂 I can’t wait to see what land grab report!! And, I’d like to catch the interview with the whistleblower fellow from the Orleans Parish jail, too. That’s an awful, shameful situation!

    • if you see jail thing before I do, post the link in a comment!
      I am still wrestling with WordPress no-show, slow-show and have a hard time updating!

  4. maybe they are growing tired of waiting for things to go really bad “naturally” and have decided to do some things to give it a little push, (like???). I just think they might be off schedule with their disaster preps and are somehow rocking this thing to get some progress toward their ultimate plan of a naturally occurring accident that (oops!), destroyed the gulf coast. Why else would the local and national press be so disinterested in covering the events unfolding at Bayou Corne? It is too obvious, yet no one in the general populace is alarmed because haven’t you heard,? the best way to accomplish a criminal act, is right out in the open. Busy people tend to ignore the obvious…Just my opinion, and the last I checked, I am still entitled to it.

    • That has been exactly my thought also! Just do the destruction manually and blame it on naturally occurring “micro quakes”. That way TPTB can keep on drilling away without the citizens complaining because it was just natural seismic events causing the collapse; see here, we have data-lookee these micro quakes y’all! Nature did it all by herself! Geez….

    • over on FC blog I have recent vid all about TOTAL blackout of news from Japan, social media, photos, you tube since 7.3 quake days ago …
      They put the curtain down when they want to …

  5. I checked some of the strong pulses on LA11, LA12, and LA14. I noticed this triangle of helicorders’ strong pulses occure about the same time on the three helicorders. There’s no rythm to the activity. I find it highly unlikely that pieces of the cavern walls are all breaking loose at about the same time.

      • Since the axtivity is effecting LA11, LA12, and LA14 helicorders at the same time, then the vibrations are caused by an external force. The cap rocks are undoubtedly effected. The force must be localized because the helicorders farther away are not showing activity at the same times as this triangle of helicorders.

      • I think they are affecting the south berm (cracks) . . . and Crosstex says they are Adding (!!) butane to the cavern in the WLTV recent story on tv.

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