Weekend News


Houston Chronicle – New seismic activity at huge sinkhole tied to Houston company

WBRZ –  Micro-quakes raise sinkhole concerns

Lightning may have caused North Dakota oil spill < caution!

Judge denies Exxon Mobil request to dismiss Arkansas lawsuit

Sent in by a reader – USGS issues report on 200 small earthquakes in Oklahoma3.7M quake hits Edmond, OK < we often skip reporting seismic news from OK as there is so much fracking there.

[Google News hides these items when you do a search for the topic]

Seismic news: next


14 thoughts on “Weekend News

  1. This sinkhole could let out a Scream just before a big earthquake happen somewhere in the world.
    Here I go again with that word harmonic tremor earthquakes just like bad pluming pipe noises in a house or water hammering.

    • sounds like a valid idea.
      Some big fluid type of thing today at 3 p.m.
      . . . . everything WORSE Sat. afternoon . . . .

  2. LA12 looks like the one with a LOT Of miniquakes. Take a look and see what you think. Others show quakes..but LA12…and where is LA12? Near the berms….gee how unusual (sarcasm).

  3. The big V shape of the sinkhole with its heavy body of water that is pushing down through the breach into the cavern, the cavern itself is loaded with sludge, on top of this you have pressure building up in the void. All this is putting an enormous amount of pressure on the already compromised cavern. This I think is causing the salt rock to fracture, as the micro quakes display all the characteristics of rock quakes. I think TB’s venting of 3A is an attempt to remove one of these factors from the equation, too little too late me thinks.

    • On the ‘Blog Roll’ on the sidebar all of the best TEXAS frack reporting
      is on Blue Daze.
      That blog author is featured in the documentary ‘Gasland’.
      Also on the blog roll is ‘Real Coastal Warriors; with some news.
      And in the news dept. Stuart Smith’s blog covers legal fight against fracking.
      Just this blog can’t cover everything so try the links too.

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