Monday – The Beat Goes On . . .

Nothing “stabilized”, nothing “settled”.


There were 2 helicorder OUTAGES on ALL of the monitors near 1 p.m. CST today.

In case they ‘fill in the blank spots’ we took a screen grab- (LA18)


Stephen Charles sent this link to the IRIS chart


The AdvocateJames Gill: Environmental abyss still growing

” . . . . Texas Brine, the company that visited this disaster upon us when its salt-dome mine caused a cavern to collapse, says the sinkhole, which now covers 26 acres, will double in size. Since environmental bandits will always tend to low-ball the damage, there is no telling how much longer the landscape will continue to slide into the abyss.

Gov. Bobby Jindal does not mention the sinkhole when he makes a video for the GOP, which is very wise, given his thesis that Louisiana on his watch is in hunky-dory condition.

What with sinkholes and ongoing wetlands loss, the question might become how much of Louisiana will be left for anyone to govern.”

27 thoughts on “Monday – The Beat Goes On . . .

  1. When I spoke with a reporter from a local media outlet the other day, I was asked what concerned me about the seismicity at the sinkhole. One of the things I told him was that early on in this mess, I spoke with an elected official personal friend of mine and the response was, “We have geologic faults? I thought we were just muddy swamp or all soft sediments”. That was the general response from most of the folks I spoke with. Even to this day, many of the persons that I speak with are surprised or to learn of our tectonics. Many don’t believe at all. This lack of knowledge is precisely what concerns me. How can our elected officials make informed decisions about zoning in their districts or, cast responsible votes, if they are not knowledgeable about the sciences behind our geology, the technologies of these industries or the environmental/health impacts of the chemicals involved? How can they regulate the regulators? How can they inform their constituents, which is their job, if they themselves do not know? Now, I know that there are many that do know and most of those have worked in the industry…and also, represent the industry. This lack of knowledge is a BIG problem and a portion of why there is no one regulating the regulators! BP is guilty of a terrible crime against our citizens and our environment but, so are our oversight agencies. Everyone forgets that all the safety violations were allowed by our agents. They are as guilty as BP. So, to me, the better question is why aren’t more citizens, elected officials and news agencies more interested in the seismicity occurring at the salt dome? The media would follow through with shocking, detail-filled, in-depth investigative reports if more persons were asking questions and demanding answers.

    • Very good points!
      And . . . WHY did WordPress Shanghai your comment for 4 hours over to the Spam Bin when you have always been allowed to comment here and have never had a comment checked off as ‘spam’?
      And . . . your comment has no links or ‘markers’ to make it look like spam.
      WHO is previewing all comments here with tectonic details and shoving them into ‘spam’??
      And why does WordPress freeze the browser when I reply to comments??

      • Something happened between 1 and 1:30 that is showing up on every one of the helicorders. Blank spaces.

      • I saw that! Just added to Monday News post. This time i copied the chart so they cannot just fill in the missing part.
        Several min. at same times on ALL helicorders missing.
        I do NOT think these ‘missing time’ bits are just a battery change or sma;ll tech issue.
        I think they are doctoring the info. Just opinion based on history.

    • Very well put.
      Anybody who wants to go into politics should never be allowed. Even those with the best intensions to better things for all either get corrupted by the system or give up hope as they are constantly swimming against the tide.

      • That’s certainly NOT what I am saying! What I am saying is that Louisiana’s geology needs to be more widely known and understood. Currently, there seems to be some disagreements between different camps about whether or not it is of benefit or a hindrance for the role LA’s tectonics plays in subsidence. Some are afraid that if it is commonly known that there is a natural process going on, that it will interfere with our ability to fund coastal restoration projects. I disagree. I feel the only entities that lack of knowledge benefits is the oil and gas industries. Understanding the natural tectonic processes at work, and that fluids/gas withdrawal hastens those processes, only emphasizes how critical it is for us to restore our coastline and choose wisely how/when/where we use the resources under our homes. It also matters where we build our homes and how they are built. It has shocked me over the years to see more and more whole neighborhoods being built on concrete slab foundations in areas where all of the older homes are set up high on pilings. If it was necessary for these houses to be designed that way in the past, it stands to reason that it is even more critical that they be built that way in the future. Unwise decisions are not only being made in regard to industry operations but, also in regard to where and how we build. I think anyone who wishes to serve the public should run for office…the more the better! But, if the majority of the population is more educated in LA geology, then they would hopefully ask the same of those that they place in office. It is not impossible. If we in Louisiana can understand the tectonics at play in California, then we can understand our own.

  2. Louisiana politicians have allowed this state to become a dumping ground for the petrochemical industry. Why?? Big money for politictions tied in with these companies. There is enough to fund governmental issues at hand AND line their own personal pockets. Sadly, this is the proven time and time reality of Louisiana politics. Why is it allowed to continue? because the citizens of Louisiana are for one, not given a quality public education throughout their core learning years, then as adults, they are caught up in the beliefs that New Orleans is a city that care forgot. There’s plenty of distractions, ie, football, basketball, Madi Grad and every other excuse for a party. Now I do not look down on the people of Louisiana. This place is filled with wonderful and talented people in spite of all the strikes against them as residents. Basically, however they are good hearted people who are often caught up in the events at hand, and not as keen for paying attention to their surroundings or their local governmental issues. Therefore much gets overlooked. This is a sad truth. Even sadder, it has also become the trend throughout this United States. Its spreading, like a cancer. I feel they all will be horrified when finally awakened.

    • I was just thinking same thoughts yesterday.
      When Obama went to big Latin Amer. summit his first term, Hugo Chavez gave him a great book
      “Open Veins of Latin America”. The book describes horrific tale of origin of ‘carnival’.
      A very wicked, very rich slave owner guy invented it to appease his guilty concience. Distract the slaves
      from their want and suffering one week with a bunch of booze.
      Those who revere carnival, Mardi Gras and these slave-owener-tricks would think twice if they knew some history.
      We get lousy history lessons about labor abuse and slavery. Lousy history lessons for a reason.

      On the FC blog sidebar I have a nice link to this place –

  3. Oh, forgot to mention…the special investigative feature “Louisiana Purchased” will be airing tomorrow evening (Tuesday) on fox8news. I didn’t catch what time it was supposed to air, but I’m guessing around 5 or 6pm. I took the time to read through the “Dirty Deeds” report while I was at their website the other day…a report that everyone should read!!

      • No, can’t find a link to it. Here’s a link to the “Dirty Deeds” report but I didn’t see anything there about the “Louisiana Purchased” report.

        Fox8 did a 60th anniversary special yesterday that I only got to hear intermittently. I heard something about having to change their names/themes over the course of time. The site states it is under construction.

      • oh, that’s the link I was looking for. I was looking for it at nola, not at fox. Thanks! 🙂

  4. To late to cry about the politicians. People keep voting the same jerks back in office. It’s comfortable, nobody likes change. Well enviromental and geolocial change in Louisiana is close to becoming a reality. We now have a thirty acre polluted radiactive lake. Seismic activity going through the roof. I think we are all in tune to what is happening, talking amongst ourselves is great however we need to get the word out even if it is one person at a time. People thought Noah was crazy until the floods came. when our flood comes it will too late for many. Drive people to this site so they can learn. And most importantly pray, for this demon that has been created can only be beaten through the Grace of God. Prayer is powerful. At this point I believe there is no human walking the earth that can save us. The politicians have turned a blind eye to Louisiana and Bayou Corne. They are of no help. Only we can help ourselves.

  5. Ms Reesa, my comment was badly phrased of course people who want to improve things for all should enter politics. It’s the people who enter it as a career or for the power trip the wealthy, or historically the family have always been in politics or as in the case of the UK because you went to one of the top schools. If more people who had come from normal working life with real life experience such as teachers, nurses, careers, geologists etc went into politics thinks would probably be for the better.

    • I ran for political office in Louisiana. If you don’t have money forget about it. You can’t get your name out there enough times for people to hear they will forget about you. Money is not always the deciding factor, ask Walter Bosseau, John Georges, and several others who spent millions of their personal fortunes to attain a seat in state and federal governments. It’s a machine, if you’re not on the inside you’re on he outside and you’re not getting in. The Press won’t help you, they are owned by the machine. IF you can get enough momentum to become an unnamed force then they dig if they can’t find anything they fabricate. Don’t look for the politicians. We’re on our own. General Honore is a fine choice but no match for the machine. A Governor will be sunk without the support of the state Legislatures. Without Federal support he would just be an ornamental person who gets his portrait hung in the Capitol Building. Educate your friends, family and neighbors. Mine all think I am crazy but I don’t care, I will make them listen and understand. Some are now starting to believe me on chemtrails. That is time better spent than looking at the news hoping one rogue reporter will actually tell the truth about what’s going on in Bayou Corne. It just isn’t going to happen. Drive people here. They’ll learn more here talking amongst ourselves than anywhere else.

    • I agree with both of you guys. The limited experience I’ve had serving and leading in groups left me feeling very frustrated. I managed to turn several friends into enemies because I wouldn’t be pushed into breaking rules/doing favors for them. No loss and no regrets. Of course they weren’t friends in the first place. The folks with the hearts to serve others, who would make the best leaders, for the most part, are not emotionally built to withstand the conniving of those who desire power. It takes a special sort of person to be wise enough to keep one step ahead of the power folks and still keep a soft heart toward your fellow man. Very emotionally taxing! I was a complete blank slate about the energy and chemical industry when I began looking into the “Texas Brine Mining Disaster.” Over the last year, I’ve been watching, listening, asking questions….learning. I like what I’ve been hearing from Lt. Gen. Honore. Have also been paying attention to some others – not politically but to their activities. Just trying to figure out where I would best be of help…where I stand on issues that I had never thought of much before. This site has been a good nursery for me. 🙂 I think, eventually, I will find myself out busy in communities nearest industrial areas. Seems to be where my heart is.

      • I have a thought along those lines today …

        as TEPCO prepares to tamper with dangerous fuel rods (Nov. 8) that may end all mankind – I want to tell all my ‘silent’ readers and our little family of commenters here I love you all very much!

        We did our best 🙂

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