Devolution of the Seas

Too much of a toll on our beautiful Earth . . .

flying cuttlefish picayune

Foreign AffairsThe Devolution of the Seas
The Consequences of Oceanic Destruction

By Alan B. Sielen

” . . .  sea life is now in peril. Over the last 50 years — a mere blink in geologic time — humanity has come perilously close to reversing the almost miraculous biological abundance of the deep. Pollution, overfishing, the destruction of habitats, and climate change are emptying the oceans and enabling the lowest forms of life to regain their dominance. The oceanographer Jeremy Jackson calls it “the rise of slime”: the transformation of once complex oceanic ecosystems featuring intricate food webs with large animals into simplistic systems dominated by microbes, jellyfish, and disease. In effect, humans are eliminating the lions and tigers of the seas to make room for the cockroaches and rats.”

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One thought on “Devolution of the Seas

  1. As a diver this breaks my heart. I have always loved the ocean and the inhabitants therein are magnificent. I have seen many times damage caused by mans greed and selfish desires with no care or concern for the consequences.

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