Show on Louisiana Corruption on Tonight!

REMINDER – FOX8 News will air “Louisiana Purchased” tonight. Trailer
Related – Lee Zurik Investigation: ‘Dirty Deeds’ cost Louisiana hundreds of millions


WWLTV – Efforts to flush amoeba from St. Bernard water system continue < with VIDEO

Feds: Safety culture ‘poor, at best’ before fatal Black Elk platform blast

4.4 quake south of the Gulf of Mexico in Nicaragua – on the Pacific side.

CO2 injections likely culprit in Texas earthquakes -study

Reuters – Carbon dioxide injected into oil and gas wells may have caused a series of minor earthquakes in Texas long before the adoption of current hydraulic fracking, according to a study published on Monday in a national science journal. . . .

More Train Derailments In Canada Due To Shifting Earth, 13 Derailments Since May

The Parish Blog has some news including this bit Oxy 3 Cavern Floor ROSE 42 feet recently.



11 thoughts on “Show on Louisiana Corruption on Tonight!

  1. Louisiana Purchased and Lewis and Clark’s secret weapon.
    800 psi Girandoni air rife used by Lewis and Clark .
    Lewis and Clark’s secret weapon – a late 18th Century .46 cal. 20 shot repeating air rifle by Girandoni.

    Lewis Clark Air Rifle

  2. Well, FOX8 did an excellent job with their report. I look forward to watching the rest of it tomorrow night. I hope folks are listening. Corruption has been the name of the game for so many years. From conversations that I’ve had…I don’t know. Been a disappointing day. Gave my husband an earful of some of my frustrations. He was kind enough to listen and sympathize. Some things are just very disappointing and frustrating!

  3. FCF, do you remember months ago that I was very upset that the USGS was saying that they did not know there were EQ’s occurring at the salt dome? They said that there had to be at least 3 monitors within 50 miles of the quakes for them to have been detected. I had found that there were over 90 (not sure of the exact number) placed in a grid of exactly 50 miles apart over the entire state of Louisiana during the time that the EQ’s were happening. They were part of a nationwide study by IRIS, NSF and USArray. The very special, super sensitive monitors were placed in grid patterns over portions of the U.S. and left there for 2 years at a time; then moved to a new location. Well, during the time that the CO2 article says that the studies were done on the EQ’s in Texas, that USArray grid of monitors was there. They are the same monitors. That is where they were before they were moved to Louisiana.

    • Good find!
      I think the USGS is very unreliable when it comes to telling the truth.
      Over at FC blog I just posted another quake USGS is hiding from their maps.

      • Yes, I was reading over there and saw it. Reminded me that I wanted to mention the CO2 injection causing EQ’s article. Point is that someone knew all along. Maybe even before the residents did. Where is that data and what studies were being conducted during that time? Just as the same monitors were used earlier in Texas and no one knew that they were there and no one knew that data was being collected on EQ’s during CO2 injection. Remember Denbury blowout from CO2 injection into abandoned well field? Although 7 out of 13 test sites in multiple states failed, the Department of Energy hailed it as a success. The last I remember the blowout site in Louisiana was still ongoing with no idea of how to stop it.

      • not to mention (posted before) scientists use all sorts of space machines to examine oil slicks and evaluate content from space imagery etc.
        You KNOW they can/have used this stuff over Bayou Corne. They just keep it all secret!

  4. This show would have to be longer running than Dallas to get to the bottom of things. You don’t suppose Jindal has one of those brain eating amoebas in his head do you?

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