Sinkhole Full Restoration (Video) + Wed. News – So. Berm has 5 CRACKS!

From Clean Water and Coast


The Parish Blog has a new item – they are making the work site a CODE 2 (!!)

WWLTV – New containment berm cracks form around Assumption sinkhole < has VIDEO
“Wednesday, WWL-TV received these pictures of cracks in the containment berm that have formed over the past few days from Assumption Parish. In just a few days, one crack became five.

Crosstex managed to put out an update from Nov. 3rd

They say they are testing a new pump.

Pathetic: BP launches website to “set the record straight” on the Gulf


Big news about Texas Brine being under-insured maybe . . . .

  • WWLTV – Texas Brine sued by its insurer over sinkhole site
  • The AdvocateInsurer claims Texas Brine ignored warnings
    “In a federal lawsuit, Liberty Insurance Underwriters Inc. cites internal Texas Brine reports, memos and an email suggesting Texas Brine officials were warned with increasing specificity since the mid-1970s — before the cavern was even permitted and mined — that the area where the cavern was planned was close to the salt dome’s outer face.

Friends of Lake Peigneur aren’t a bit surprised. This is from one –

Texas Brine’s insurance (Liberty) claims there is no coverage for this under its policy. Texas Brine’s insurance does not want to pay!!

Jefferson Island Storage & Hub, LLC is a Limited Liability Company, that means a type of business structure that provides its owners limited liability. This would limit the amount they would pay if there was another disaster there. Does Jefferson island Storage & Hub even have liability insurance?  About Lake Peigneur

The Department of Natural Resources, Office of Coastal Management, has already issued one permit to expand and add 2 natural gas storage caverns to Jefferson Island Storage & Hub under Lake Peigneur in Vermilion/Iberia parishes in spite of no Environmental Impact Statement, Federal standard, no seismic studies, bubbling in the lake, Chicot aquifer problems and already one horrific disaster there. Already one community (Bayou Corne) has been destroyed from negligence and apathy


4 thoughts on “Sinkhole Full Restoration (Video) + Wed. News – So. Berm has 5 CRACKS!

  1. Ha, so one of TB’s insurers shoots them in the foot by basically saying we only cover you for genuine accidents not GROSS STUPIDITY and NEGLIGENCE, they then reload and shoot them in the other foot by letting everybody know that they have copies of e-mails and memo’s that pretty much condemn TB (so no point in them trashing any copies they might want to loose).
    TB then go on to whine like spoiled children with the following statement “information provided to Liberty in confidence was inappropriately used ”. This made me laugh as I had just finished watching the Video where TB’s “mouthpiece” Sonny Cranch says “we have nothing to hide” at 5:48 minutes into it, He obviously is not referring to their stance on memos and e-mails then 🙂

    • Freedomrox called them out on this ‘prior knowledge’ biz months ago!
      I bet there’s a sh1tstorm of memos etc. that will all come out in court!
      Texas Brine needs to be kicked out and real pros brought in with billing to Texas Brine.
      Why hasn’t the bill collector gone to Texas Brine for all the money they owe so far??

      • Texas Brine and Liberty wouldn’t be in cahoots to not have to pay anything to the plaintiffs, would they? If Liberty is not found liable and Texas Brine, for some reason, files for bankruptcy, who’s going to pay? Is that a possible scenario?

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