Class-action lawsuit update

The Advocate Lawyers push forward with lawsuits against Texas Brine
Trial date is set for April 14 in N.O.

By David J. Mitchell
Plaintiffs’ attorneys in the class-action lawsuit over the Assumption Parish sinkhole said Wednesday they aren’t too worried about new litigation between Texas Brine Co. and one of its insurers.

The attorneys said they have an April 14 trial date in U.S. District Court in New Orleans and have no plans of deviating from having their clients’ day in court.

“The lawyers for the class action are not concerned about Texas Brine’s dispute or lack thereof with their insurer in Texas,” New Orleans attorney Lawrence Centola III said.

“It doesn’t change the fact that we have an April 14 trial date. It doesn’t change fact that we are moving forward with our April 14 trial date.”

Backup insurer Liberty Insurance Underwriters Inc. has asked a federal judge in Houston to declare the insurer does not have to pay under its policy with Texas Brine. . . .


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    • Thanks!
      Well, the berm is holding out … but all the gunk seems to be passing through right under it! Look at the trees dying….to the south.

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