New Fly Over – from the Parish Blog & Friday News


Helicorders very active overnight


WAFB – Emergency Rule will increase water disinfectant levels for the state

DNR has a new Inspection Report (11-7)

WWLTV- [OK] Drilling company fined, put on probation over falsified test results

NEW ORLEANS – An Oklahoma contractor that owns oil rigs and drills in the Gulf of Mexico pleaded guilty Friday to covering up problems with one of its critical blowout preventers by falsifying the results of pressure tests on the device in 2009 and 2010. . . .


North Texas has another minor earthquake, at least 4th this week in same general area

(11-7) NBC-DFW – More Earthquakes Detected in North Texas


2.8 quake in Marston, Missouri < MAP


15 thoughts on “New Fly Over – from the Parish Blog & Friday News

  1. I wonder if they put up this fly over because they expect something to happen soon…
    Added to WED. News (scroll down) the newest butane info from Crosstex. hey are doing everything as “normal”. No one stopping them.

  2. Anyone have GPS reading before and after around the area? The “after” being NOW, as it looks like subsidence ongoing. I am surprised the government is not releasing GPS data points to show land or surface subsidence (or not) for the general populations’ safety. Guess the question is, if not, why not. If no one is aware of key information how can one make reasonable decisions? Sometimes government and Texas Brine hiding their heads under the sand only gets sand in the cracks..

  3. Walter the harmonic tremors have been building up on LA17 -01 as well, the graphs from IRIS BUD seem to show this up better.

    LA 10-03

    3 days ago (Tuesday 5th)

    2 days ago (Wednesday 6th)

    yesterday (Thursday 7th)

    And similar can be seen on LA 17-01

    3 days ago (Tuesday 5th)

    2 days ago (Wednesday 6th)

    yesterday (Thursday 7th)

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