Sinkhole on the Travel Channel Tonight –

The series is called: America Declassified.

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8 thoughts on “Sinkhole on the Travel Channel Tonight –

  1. This will be the second Thanksgiving for the folk’s that have been under evacuation from their home’s due to the La.Sinkhole.Surely Texas Brine has seen that those displaced are settled in homes so they may start a new life in an another place that they now call home.If not,then Texas Brine,you are failures as a responsible Buisiness and unforgivable pigs that don’t deserve the good you have got.

  2. Watched the show, suppose any publicity is better than none. They didn’t get into much detail of why it is happening, almost made it seem like a natural event.

  3. My 83 year old father thinks the Louisiana sinkhole is a natural occurance. Whenever I try to explain it to him, he just says, well that sure is a big lake you got there now. I try to explain the dangers associated with it, and of the danger Louisiana citizens are in just residing in this state. It all falls on deaf ears. He tells me not to worry about such things until something happens…Dad…I’m going to keep on worrying about the Louisiana sinkhole, because its WHEN SOMETHING HAPPENS, that I will no longer have to worry about it, OR ANYTHING ELSE, for that matter. Silly talk from a silly girl.

    • yeah … … continent cracking like a soda cracker is kind of a big deal.
      The news people help keep people in the dark by pushing “sink hole” phrase insread of “salt dome collapse” and NEVER mentioning caverns below or what is down there.
      Most people think it’s just a big salt cave.

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