Fluid Movement at 1:30 A.M. + Tues. News

It shows on all the helicorders except the ‘upper’ ones, LA17-01, LA10-01 and 02 and LA21.

ENE-News – TV: University’s research “is so disturbing” — Large spike in deadly flesh-eating bacteria after BP oil spill in Gulf — Expert: Take it very seriously — It’s “in their bloodstream… affects all organs” (VIDEO)

Conservation has an update on the Parish Blog. They are still at Code 1.


8 thoughts on “Fluid Movement at 1:30 A.M. + Tues. News

  1. I am lost on this one the recorders in Arkansas pick this up as well could it been a CME deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field.
    That had to be a local quake at 01:15 CST time or 07:15 UTC time
    I don’t know there look like one at 01:37 CST time or 07:37 UTC time
    There was a little one at 05:04 CST time or 11:04 UTC time

    • there were some really big foreign quakes lately … up by Russia, Philippines and down by Australia and Atlantic Ridge. Everything is bouncing.

  2. Does and one know anything about Monochoramine in drinking water ?

    Water utility Switching to Monochoramine that not Chlorine
    Other concerns with chloramines in drinking water most water filter won’t remove it.
    Chloramines, like chlorine, are toxic to fish and amphibians at levels used for drinking water. Unlike chlorine, chloramines do not rapidly dissipate on standing. Neither do they dissipate by boiling. Fish owners must neutralize or remove chloramines from water used in aquariums or ponds.

  3. Is this what it fell like when the residents speck to the companies of that sinkhole.
    Harry Belafonte and Odetta – There’s A Hole in The Bucket

    • About that video
      There times when talking to the Government do you fill like you’re talking to a wall and getting the runaround.

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