Friday Seismo News

A 5.5 quake down in Argentina may affect the helicorders. MAP

We don’t have so much here on Argentina but in January there was this weird item about a giant crack opening up there.  The weird event is about 800 miles by road north-by-northeast of the quake. Map of both.

New  item from the Parish Blog reports they are doing all sorts of work outside the berms.

There was BIG FLUID MOVEMENT starting around 11 p.m. Friday that went on til 1 a.m. Sat.. LA14 helicorder shows it well. It showed on others as well.


A 2.4 quake in Southern Illinois < MAP

6 thoughts on “Friday Seismo News

  1. All kind of oddities going on. If I can find the picture I’ll send it to you. There was something similar that happened in Mexico only the hole was about 5′ across in some sections.

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