Why is BP so concerned about Volcanoes all of a sudden?

From MARCH …. but worthwhile (not all the comments are, though…)

NBC – Volcano under Antarctic ice may erupt, accelerate melting

Strange Sounds – Earthquake Animation Shows How Seismic Waves Ripple Across Continents


12 thoughts on “Why is BP so concerned about Volcanoes all of a sudden?

  1. The New Madrid Fault Zone is all theory it’s more like a rip that happen in the earth.
    So is the South America plates part of the New Madrid Fault Zone
    Earthquakes generally occur in areas where two tectonic plates either collide or rub against each other.
    The Lost History of the New Madrid Earthquakes
    The air filled with loud noise, foul stench, and mysterious flashes of light

    Prehistoric earthquakes in New Madrid what do they know ?

    • Walter, how can a myth cause the Mississippi River to run backwards and create Realfoot Lake? Those quakes, after shocks, went on for months. A geologist studied the land in a farmer’s field and found the sand blow outs that exploded high into the air. Those who survived the event said that it was an earthquake in the dark of night. Fires began because of the lit fireplaces and kerosene lanterns. Those burps and the quake monitors are pretty much what we have to go on,, not much more than the pioneers; but, we have knowledge that it happened once and according to the geologist is will happen soon.

      • There still debating or discussing those ideas just how New Madrid happen it theory for now.
        Yes the earth ripped wide open there.
        North America tried to break in two, at New Madrid
        Theory: an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true.
        Myth: A fictitious story, person, or thing

    • Great links, Walter! I think the lost history book will make a good reader for history, sociology or science classes. Good idea to compile all of those writings – pieces of history into one volume. I’m still reading the material from the other links. Interesting 🙂

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