2:00 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation

Code 1 still . . .


Assumption Parish Police Jury

Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Response Activity

Monday, Nov. 18 work-

Sinkhole Activity Code 1 – indicating work is allowed on sinkhole and containment berm, seismic monitoring indicates low levels of sub-surface activity near sinkhole/Oxy 3

Sub-slab Sampling and Ventilation

– Conducting ventilation system inspections


– Continue pumping water from ORW 10 (west of containment berm) to enhance gas flow

– Drilling deep aquifer monitoring well MRAA 04D (north of containment berm)

– Beginning work on ORW 49 (south of La 70)

– Completing CPT 120 (north of La 70)

Containment Berm/Roads/Sinkhole

– Surveying south containment berm

– Surveying containment berm settlement plates

– Re-starting water transfer pumps

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13 thoughts on “2:00 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation

  1. The swamps will be completely drained at this rate…and since the sinkhole’s waters have not risen speaks of two things only: 1) water is infiltrating salt or a deeper sedimentary cavity or, 2) Sinkhole waters are being used to mine Oxy 2, 9, and 10.
    As for Methane and H2S easily detected by the Travel Channel’s expert only puts the lie to the lips of LDEQ, and LDHH…whom have lied at every turn since the beginning.

    Considering Tetra Tech, Frontier, etc. are tearing into Sportsman’s Drive like a dog after a bone is consitent with the fact that a huge pocket of methane has built up under the neighborhood, and is in immediate danger of containment failure, and at a high risk of innundating residents with a geyser of methane, or igniting, then you may get a simplistic picture of how volatile the current situation is at this time.

    Stay Tuned.

      • Yep…”Though the convenience of cooking and heating inside the home is a remarkable benefit to civilized living, natural gas has its own dark secret. We are told that methane gas is “safe”. There are extensive tests to prove that acute exposures are bad causing asphyxiation, and that it is highly flammable. These facts are well communicated as a precaution to using natural gas.

        It is true that many people use natural gas safely everyday but the Material Safety Data (MSDS) documentation on Natural Gas/ Methane, communicates that this gas has NEVER been tested for safety for “Long-term, Low-level” exposure. In other words, the gas purveyors advertise and promote methane gas as a safe product, but tests have never been done to prove whether or not the product really is safe under various exposure rates with the exception of acute exposures. A study by President of the American Academy of Environmental medicine, Dr. Gerald Ross and environmental illness expert Dr. Rea, claims that natural gas is a pollutant chemical that can worsen allergic reactions- even by living in an area where natural gas is present! The province of Nova Scotia sponsored a study to examine the long term effects of natural gas exposure to a specific community. A medical facility had had problems with gas exposure and the study reviewed the health of the exposed workers as well as others in the community who regularly use methane in their homes.

        According to Alive.com, infants exposed to gas heating had a higher incidence of asthma. They even go as far as to claim that natural gas is more harmful than tobacco smoke! My research also turned up reports of health problems caused by natural gas in Africa and that as other nations become more civilized and move indoors, the cases of asthma increased.

      • oh wow! I bet if they wanted they could study cooks etc. who are near gas ranges all day and see if they have effects.

      • Before electric lighting Great Britain First Industrial Revolution gas lighting developed in England in the 1790s, gas light technology spread quickly.
        I think the Second Industrial Revolution was electric lighting I think.
        First Industrial Revolution evolved into the Second Industrial Revolution
        Great Britain Industrial Revolution did the Life Expectancy decreased in cities ?

    • Ya know, I was wondering if there might be some connection to the ocean. The video of the trees slumping into the sinkhole also contained tidle action, I believe. Maybe I saw another video of a burp, which contained tidle action. I think that may be the video. This may occure if there is a link to the ocean, if not caused by the wakes of a big boat. Could the sinkhole be draining into the ocean?

  2. The scary thing about unrefined natural gas to me is that it is odorless. When it is refined, they add that nasty smell so that when the pilot light goes out, and they do, people are supposed to know to leave and call 911.

    • Unless of course you know how to safely re-light your pilot light, which many people learn, we had a hot water heater in a place where on a windy day, opening the door would blow it out.

      • Ever done the oven flash where you singe off all the hair on your face and have to wait for eyebrows to grow back?
        That you only do once in a life.

      • Yes hopefully only once. My stupid teenage brother decided to test the theory of gas fumes, poured gasoline in the basement sink and lit a match. Amazing the house did not just go up, he was hairless and red faced for awhile. Mom never new why….

    • I understand homeowners are reluctant to leave. Anyone would be … but if you say ‘gas’ … my bags would be packed in about 30 seconds!

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