Information On Growing Sinkhole Problem Swallowing Southern Missouri Along The New Madrid Could Be Cause Of Fema Concern

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(This is beginning to Look fairly serious, the biggest short term problem shutting down traffic) (Longer term there are around 20 reactors there)

(N.Morgan) These sinkholes are by the New Madrid Fault Line. This could be a reason for concern. Could this cause a massive chain reaction, hence, setting off the New Madrid? Between all of the flooding and other bad weather there, this could turn into a very serious situation.  Now that FEMA is there, that would imply the situation is probably a lot worse than what is being reported.


Here’s the story as reported by the Southern Missourian:

More sinkholes are showing up on Cape Girardeau’s south side, and they continue to grow.

Cape Girardeau public works director Tim Gramling on Wednesday said continued Mississippi River flooding means the sinkholes that have shown up in the South Sprigg Street area remain “active” with the…

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6 thoughts on “Information On Growing Sinkhole Problem Swallowing Southern Missouri Along The New Madrid Could Be Cause Of Fema Concern

  1. On August 21, 2013…the Cargill Salt Mine under Lake Erie, off the shores of Cleveland was closed. It has been mined mainly for the salt that the states use to de-ice the roads in Winter. Which by the way, has been corrupted with radioactive waste and spread on our roads. I have not found any recent articles; however, with salt domes in danger of collapsing on both ends of the New Madrid fault line it does suggest a possible connection as to the setting off of a major earthquake. How the ancient volcano is connected is an unknown.

    • Hot springs are ponds, portions of a lake, or pools in which water has been naturally heated underground.
      Not all hot springs are from molten rock deep in the earth.
      hydrothermal springs do not rely on volcanic activity to produce hot water.
      National Geophysical Data Center
      Those Hot and Warm Springs is that a hot spot in the earth ?
      List of hot springs From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      • Why are there no references to Hot Wells, Louisiana? I know they are actually warm and they are saline but, other than the one or two I’ve found in some articles, I can’t find references anywhere!

    • Great blog, but the black background makes it so hard to read that I often have to skip some of the entries, esp difficult to reakd the dates.

      • Just hit CONTROL key and ‘+’ key to increase the size … or mouse-over and highlight text to make it opposite color.
        This background is touted by WordPress as being good for mobile devices and everyone says it’s terrible.
        Sorry… changed it 3 times already.

  2. Y’all are aware that sinkholes began appearing around the New Madrid 2 to 3 years before the Major quakes in the 1811-1812. These sinkholes began popping up regularly about 3 years ago. Let’s not forget the loud booms that no one can account for. If we start hearing of sand boils you can bet the New Madrid will be releasing energy soon. Personally, I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be as bad as the previous 1811-1812 quakes that lasted for 5 months off and on. If that happened, the entire midwest would be destroyed and who knows how many thousands would die. This is not good news.

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