Earthquakes Compromise Gas Storage in Spain


“The Castor Project is a submarine natural gas storage facility able to contain 1,3 Billion cubic meters of gas, which meant to cover 30 percent of Spain’s daily gas consumption. It is located 12 miles offshore at the east coast of Spain, at a depth of 1,800 meters in the Mediterranean Sea.

The plant takes gas from the general gas grid and transfers it via a gas pipeline approximately 30 km long to an offshore platform. The gas can be sent back via the same pipeline system when required.

Owner-operator Escal UGS has injected natural gas into the reservoir since 2008. The Spanish government has ordered the gas injections be stopped after hundreds of minor tremors were detected.”


4 thoughts on “Earthquakes Compromise Gas Storage in Spain

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  2. You might find this interesting, Vivek posted this years ago. He is from India but lived for awhile in San Francisco.

    11/03/11 : Please note the date, as previously forecast by Cathartes Aura as major date.

    The sky disintegrates and turns to dust,

    The great earth becomes peaceful, no one can see it.

    Abruptly, the dry tree opens it’s one flower.

    Calling to another spring, beyond history.

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