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It shows the evaporation tanks are almost full –


Louisiana Sinkhole Still a Danger

“. . . The sinkhole sent shockwaves through the mining industry as the collapse of this type was considered impossible, but scientist had previously warned regulators and those involved in salt mining that the geology of salt caverns made such an event a possibility. Neither Texas Brine Co. nor Occidental Petroleum admit any wrong doing in the collapse, they have however taken some of the responsibility for damage. Some of the residents who haven’t been allowed to return to their homes have received $875 per week from Texas Brine Co. Other residents have opted to remain in the area despite warnings to leave.

A policy analyst for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources went on record with reporters this month saying that the while the direct cause was a manmade action it is “natural forces” that are now at work in making the sinkhole larger. . . “

NY Daily NewsBayou Corne sinkhole could require decades of monitoring once brought under control: officials
The insatiable Louisiana sinkhole captured national attention after the YouTube video ‘8/21/13 Slough in’ showed it swallowing a set of trees. Officials also fear that gas within area may spark massive inferno.

Op-Ed – Jindal has more snakes than he can kill with coastal lawsuits against oil companies; whatcha gonna do now, Bobby? Those parishes (Jefferson and Plaquemines) got their own lawyers

“. . . .The one matter that he [Jindal] did tackle head-on, however, was that ridiculous lawsuit by the greedy SLFPA-E against those poor defenseless oil companies for the destruction of that useless Louisiana coastline that’s good for nothing but as a wildlife refuge…and oh yes, hurricane surge protection.
Jindal believes that the litigation is a crime against nature and just to prove his point, he resorted to his favorite tactic—firing those who dare disagree. . . . “

3.5 magnitude earthquake reported in SE Ohio

7 thoughts on “New FLY OVER + Wed. News

  1. For the State of LA to say “the direct cause was a manmade action it is “natural forces” that are now at work” is nuts. Its like telling the family of a DUI accident, your sister/brother was hit by a drunk driver, but now will die due to natural causes. Does that make the driver in my example, or Texas Brine less guilty? Give me a break. Does the State of LA want to pick up all the costs associated with this disaster AND pay in full for all the property damages as well? Will the State of LA fix the sinkhole mess? Guess so…(sarcasm).

  2. Have a lot of respect for Sally Smallstorm, she has an unbelievably broad expanse of knowledge in all the sciences. This audio radio interview includes the discussion of what may of transpired in Sandy Hook, about 1/3 of the way to the end she discusses what is happening to our oceans, the over fishing, the effects of Navy experiments on our shores, the radiation poisoning we are receiving from cell phones and wireless and Fuckisima being the fall guy for the poisoning that is killing us. Something to think about, let the audio play as I went about my chores.

    • There is good radiation and bad radiation it has to do with it being Shortwave or Long wave Radiation.
      Visible light and ultraviolet radiation are commonly called shortwave radiation
      The word in the bible firmament in genesis
      The term “firmament” and its identity has been one of the greatest puzzles concerning the Creation account, mostly because of its Hebrew definition:
      Strongs Hebrew Definition # 7554: eqr raqa` raw-kah’
      a primitive root; to pound the earth (as a sign of passion); by analogy to expand (by hammering); by implication, to overlay (with thin sheets of metal):–beat, make broad, spread abroad (forth, over, out, into plates), stamp, stretch.
      How can you see though metal
      That firmament made people live longer back them after the flood the firmament was no more.
      waters above the firmament and waters below the firmament
      The firmament filtered out harmful sun rays

    • The word Firmament in the bible.
      Can metals be transparent?
      My two cents of thinking.

      Firmament: frozen canopy it was like a crystalline canopy around the earth.
      blanket of polarized hydrogen ice crystals.
      A hydrogen ice cloud formed on the surface of the water that was exposed to space. The gravity of the earth would keep the forming cloud next to the surface of the water. And because the hydrogen molecule already contains a magnetic field, they were attracted to each other which covered the earth in a blanket of hydrogen ice crystals. These crystals became polarized by the earth’s magnetic field. Upon polarization, the hydrogen molecules became one huge magnetic shield that surrounded the earth.
      That canopy would filter out much of the cosmic radiation that is harmful to humans

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