Large Traffic at the Bugle

In spite of search engine diversions by enemy-of-information-dissemination, Google, constant WordPress slow downs and cut-offs, The Bugle will reach a million visits in a week or sooner.

That makes WordPress mad since we won’t sell-out to their ad scheme and just post information.





11 thoughts on “Large Traffic at the Bugle

  1. Yeah! Thank you from a Mom in Sun City, AZ whose four adult children and grandchildren live in that highly dangerous and contaminated area…more will know now. I am with you daily….Many Blessings. Kt

  2. Thanks for all you do! If you only had a penny for every visit to give to those devastated by these crimes against humanity. Looks like another storm is going to hammer most of the country, Coming from the west coast, moving through the south and making a turn to the north east coast to put a big damper on Thanksgiving Day for those folks.

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