Fluid Movement at 1 A.M. for an Hour – After 7M Falklands Quake

LA14 shows it well.  It shows on the others too.  Otherwise constant static shown on the helicorders all weekend continues.

Jec pointed out LA11 really went wild.

LA11faulklands   The new location map (in blue) shows LA11 is in the same old place, near the Crosstex BUTANE.
  —  Click images for bigger view —

1013monitors    Helicorders_ALL

7 p.m. (CST) – LA11 is still going off like a burglar alarm!

At 12:27 CST there was a big earthquake below South America in the Faulkland Is..
The Watchers – Very strong earthquakes detected SE of Falkland Islands, South Pacific Ocean – Strongest one M 7.0

Dutchsinse says this is causing frack-quakes in Texas.

8 thoughts on “Fluid Movement at 1 A.M. for an Hour – After 7M Falklands Quake

  1. Don’t see how the industry or any agency can get away with claiming that disposal injection causes EQ’s but that the fracking method of production doesn’t! It is the same process, the same fluids and usually carried out in the same geologic locations. Sorry, just something that irritates me 😡

    • people in Youngston, Ohio won an important lawsuit where they proved fracking caused their earthquakes.
      So it is on the record.

      • I read papers written on all sorts of energy technology and geology studies. All the time I run across a statement about seismic activity associated with hydraulic fracturing. I’m in the process of making a quote and bibliography list to post every time I see false information published. Just really irritates me that these corporations can still get away with claiming they don’t cause EQ’s and people still believe it. Ridiculous!!

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