Tuesday Seismic Static Continues + News

OK. We give up. What’s going on? The vacuum cleaner at work?


WBRZ – Migrating pelicans having issues [like dropping dead!] in Baton Rouge

WBRZ – Video report on the DNR salt dome regulation meeting


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Seismic Static Continues + News

  1. FLUID MOVEMENT. This looks very very serious at this point. Dont know what it means but its NOT healthy. Look at LA11, look at LA14 which shows continuous fluid sloshing. Any scientists out there should be taking a good look at this..in a volcano, this would be magma on the move…ready for eruption. Since its the sinkhole, dont know what to think..but take care and keep watch on this situation.

    • The last time this ‘fuzz’ appeared all over FR said it was some sort of machine or pumping going on.
      LA11 looks completely crazy.
      I have no idea what’s going on.

  2. Now the helicorders are turned OFF..blank. Go figure. Either they are all BROKE..or someone wants the attention level lowered…

  3. Go look at LA12..nasty looking. If this is a machine or testing..its 24 hours a day. And since nothing has been announced..or has it..??

    • I see no announcement … and the APPJ said after the cavern floor rose up they’d give out an update. Not a peep from them.

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