LA11 Says: “Trouble at the South Berm”!!

LA11 is SOUTH of the berm road!




On top of that there’s a FREEZE WARNING for tonight.


Lake FUBAR is the talk of the German blog.

Study: US spewing 50% more methane than EPA says

Fox 8 News – Bayou Corne sinkhole victims call for action

Louisiana Public Broadcasting will do a show on Bayou Corne this FRIDAY night on “Louisiana The State We’re In” at  7 P.M..


2 thoughts on “LA11 Says: “Trouble at the South Berm”!!

  1. The helicorders have settled down today. What is interesting..they just didn’t get reset, as you go back in the time recordings. The data flows evenly without stopping. Yesterday morning was very active..then it calmed down. Guess the EQ in South America area, the 7.0..almost slipped the skin of the peach!

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