Is New Madrid Zone Ready to Blow?

Some recent items –


Before It’s News – New Madrid Fault Line – A Major Event Coming? The Cause Of The Mysterious Booms?? (Video)


2.5 quake in Marston, Missouri < MAP

A small item from 11-26 – Small tremor near Missouri-Kansas border? (Adjust Tinfoil)


12 thoughts on “Is New Madrid Zone Ready to Blow?

    • Thanks — I was going to skip that little link (found on my stats) about Kansas/MO border but added to the vid it seems creepy.
      Just posted my sentiments.

      • I am awaiting some input by FR or Walter … but some may not be online right now (hanging around an airport etc.!)…
        I have NO idea what is going on but I have worried e-mails from readers who do not think it is simple ‘work around the berms’ as in the past.
        Now I am joining the worry warts.
        Small edge-of-New-Madrid-zone quakes have me thinking the whole area is sloshing after the mega-quake in the Falkland Is. region. Many huge quakes after that too.

      • Have you noticed that when you mark all those ‘small’ quakes ( man-made included ) on a map of America, they seem to form a curve that runs from south-east of the great lakes down towards central Texas, and the gulf.

      • it shows like that on the ANF map.
        …and someone concerned about the Cleveland salt dome troubles said maybe there’s underground connection from there (on Lake Erie) all the way down to the Gulf. They never explained their cracks etc. in that Great Lakes area salt dome.

      • The curve I see runs from the North-east, across the New Madrid, into Oklahoma, then curves down to Texas.

        If I was at all suspicious, I’d suspect a ‘weak zone’ that runs from Central America, north along the gulf coast then follows the quakes up towards New York State.

  1. There are tons of YouTube videos about the coming New Madrid quake… A number are Christian preachers who have seen visions and dreams of a catastrophe tied in with God’s judgement on America over it’s treatment (betrayal) of Israel…. And given the recent nuke deal with Iran being panned in both Israel and Saudi Arabia, and the US pushing the Israelis to concede more land to the Palestinians, maybe the USA is cruisin’ for a brusin’…

    Folks should check out Henning Kemner’s Video: 2010-2012 on how the Gulf Oil disaster was a deliberate act to set off the New Madrid fault which runs into the Gulf… It is very detailed showing faults connected to salt domes under land and sea; how the fracking on land; the drilling in the Gulf and other little known items may come together to wipe out most of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, making Kansas City an inland port… It is long, and Kemner is somewhat annoying in his narration, but his research and assertions are hard to ignore… Especially since he ties in Lake FUBAR to the coming megadisaster which he predicts will have the Great Lakes draining down the Mississippi into the Gulf…

    • yes, Kemner video is already here and can be found by putting his name in the search bar.
      The other idea about New Marid that is here is these boom events tie into quakes when you map them. And that points to New Madrid activity.
      Also the USGS removing so many New Madrid area quakes from their live map causes more concern, not less concern.

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