Here We Go Again!

LA11 all fuzzy –


2 P.M. CST UPDATE – Helicorders VERY SCARY!!


Lots and lots of fuzz on the other helicorders too.   heli_button


15 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!

  1. NOTE: On LA17 and 18, the microvolts are HIGH. 1000 for one, and 10,000 for the other. This means the graph looks much more FLAT, I believe. Just where is Bayou Corne Well 3? Thats the one with the 10,000 scale. Most of the other helicorders are at 500 microvolts! Do note that when there are high activity levels showing on a recorder, they are set to higher levels -either to calm the watchers, or make it easier to see the major events.

  2. NOTE: On LA17 and 18, the microvolts are HIGH. 1000 for one, and 10,000 for the other. This means the graph looks much more FLAT, I believe. Just where is Bayou Corne Well 3? Thats the one with the 10,000 scale. So with LA10 at 20,000 (looks FLAT doesnt it?) just a quick look does not represent the true picture. Look at the scale too..

  3. They must be intentionally hiding this stuff. Changing the scale is proof. So why is no one outing them in the news? Why is the news not even bothering to report about this? Since they going to so much trouble to hide what is really going on they must know more than they are telling anyone. Where are the people who are order the changes to the recorders? Do they live nearby or have they left the area? I have a really bad feeling about all this right now, especially with the additional booms, sinkholes, and earthquakes along the New Madrid here in Missouri. Someone either knows something is about to happen or they know someone is planning to make something happen. Either way there are people in the know who are not living there and are not talking and if you ask me that is criminal on there part. I wish the state would just evacuate the entire area so people would be safe.

    • oh … they are nearby alright …. NEAR HUDSON BAY!

      We went through this before when they pushed this job off on Nanometrics (Canada) from the USGS. They will not ever answer your mail etc. when you ask.
      We blab about it a lot here and I know the press uses this blog sometimes for resources so the stories must be getting killed from above.
      I am sure they talk about it on facebook etc.

  4. Would be interesting to see the contract and to ask for the instructions given this company by the State of LA. Might have to do a FOIA, but it would be worth it to see if someone received instructions to minimize the graphing, keep the public quiet!!

  5. Obama was just here a week or two ago speaking to the public at the port in New Orleans. During his speech, he mentioned the need for change in New Orleans port, how it needed to be deeper to accommodate future trade with the massive ships coming from the newly widened Panama Canal. He also pointed out that the infrastructure of New Orleans is Antiquated. He gave statistics on the number of roads and bridges in the area that are substandard. Reading between the lines, and he made this easy to do, he more or less said that changes are necessary for this area to accommodate plans for worldwide trade and shipping. He said that he has gotten opposition to this in Washington, so he has gone ahead in his own and signed the papers necessary to get these processes started , NOW, TODAY, he said. Now, if president of the United states came here, to New Orleans, and spoke this to a few hundred spectators, put the word out, TOLD US, POINT BLANK, that huge changes are necessary, and have been signed into action by HIM, NOW, then WHAT MORE will it take for the public to realize that this area will no longer be their home? We should all leave. NOW. It is so sad that this is true. What is sadder, no one is paying attention. I m not afraid to post this, because this message has already been delivered to the people of New Orleans. Even the local news dropped the ball on this. They just covered the fact that Obama was here in the city for a speech at the port of Authority. I had to listen to the speech on the internet.

    • I think US & China are headed toward a bike slug fest over whole rules the seas.
      I would be afraid if I were in any Gulf coast area… but whole hemisphere affected if Lake FUBAR blows.
      Gulf of Mex floor could drop away.
      All for NO reason!
      I am so sorry for USA being such a stick in the mud on energy progress. NO reason to pollute at all to get energy. It should be a non-profit enterprise.

  6. I thought I sent my comment earlier, but it hasn’t shown up yet, so sorry if there ends up being two similar postings.

    Karen, do you have a link to Obama’s speech to the Port Authority? If what you are saying he said, this is absolute proof of a fascist regime here in our country and every single one us, I believe, has a moral obligation to forward that video to everyone we know, before it is removed from viewing. Particularly legal and spiritual leaders. Thank you Karen and may The Force be with us….

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