Repairs for South Berm After Unannounced Damage

What the eff??

Parish Blog“- Mobilizing equipment to make repairs to south containment berm, begin work to scrape top limestone layer”

Sounds like the berm is sagging again. They are at Code 1.


14 thoughts on “Repairs for South Berm After Unannounced Damage

  1. Is the limestone part of the Berm or is it part of the natural geology? Why do they remove water from the swamp to the sinkhole? Why are they scraping the limestone?

    I think I forgot to say that now that you are in Mississippi you need to use your knowledge and prepare to dig in your heels to stop them from making a salt dome northeast of you into a national nuclear waste dump. It is a geologically fragile salt dome too. It is 30 miles east of Hattiesburg-USM. I just do not understand how people in charge of these things can be so generally stupid! Or, they think it won’t impact them, whereas, in the end, we are all connected.
    An above ground nuclear dump is close to more stupid what with tornados and hurricanes.

    I agree totally WTF

    • The genius folks in charge..make sure they are providing FULL LIABLITY INSURANCE..not from the government, PRIVATE insurance to cover the entire area’s property. That will stop them quickly. I am sure Lloyd’s of London, a great insurance company, will be willing to provide a price..

  2. Oh, ok I found that the limestone was to build the containment berm. Don’t know if they chose limestone because it dissolves or despite the fact it dissolves. This Texas Brine sinkhole is so interesting but so sad and so shows how stupid companies and government can be. General Honore suggested that we start calling it the Texas Brine sinkhole. Still the State of Louisiana bears responsibility for letting them do it.

    • Yes, State does bear responsibility! 😉

      Limestone is cheap so they use it. They started with old shells then upgraded to other cheap fill.
      On the cheap the whole way!

  3. Aggregate Crushed Limestone roads
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  4. Unanounced nothing! Anyone with intelligence could have deduced the coming events when the helicorders started showing unusually high activity.

    • I mean the APPJ has been mum about the degradation of the south berm since all the cracks showed up.
      So much for transparency!

      • Nothing downgrading your reporting flyingcuttlefish. Just the lack of intelligence of the people whose job it is to put an end to this ongoing catastrophy. I don’t have too much confidence in the “brain” power of these yahoos.

      • Nothing against you Flyingcuttlefish. Meant towards the lack of “brain” power of the people appointed to put an end to this ongoing catastrophy.

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