On Methane and Sharks

We are going to add all the shark and shark-methane news here.

The RSOE map includes shark attacks.

From Nuke Pro – Apex Predators in Hawaii are OUT OF CONTROL < updated Dec. 15th

And I don’t mean the lawyers…..

Shark attacks approaching 1 per month in Hawaii, 300% to 400% higher than prior to Fukushima.

It started with  that comment on the Nov. 10 post

“. . . the area off Bremer Bay in WA’s South West [Australia]  is home to a natural phenomenon involving a leak from massive hydrocarbon pocket under the seabed, which fuses with the surrounding water to create an ice-like reef known as methane hydrate.

This in turn sparks a food chain involving crustaceans releasing billions of nutrient-rich eggs into the desolate waters. And that food source brings with it the ocean’s big boys. . . .”

Newer Shark Attack Reports [Nov. 2013 and after]

Maui NewsMore info including shark tracking

short link –  http://wp.me/s2GNDM-sharks


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