Oxy 3 Floor FALLS(!), 2nd Cavern Threat & Friday News

The parish blog has an update and then another update says OXY 3 FELL 141 FEET in 2 weeks! confused

New Orleans Times-PicauneEast Bank levee authority votes to reaffirm wetlands damage lawsuit against energy companies

By Mark Schleifstein
The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East voted 5-3 during a special meeting Thursday (Dec. 5) to reaffirm its decision to file suit against 97 oil, gas and pipeline companies to force them to restore damaged wetlands outside the East Bank levee system or pay for damage that cannot be restored. . . .

Watch for planted stories, letters to the editor, Op-Ed pieces and trolls saying “lawyers take all the money and don’t care about the ecology”, “these law suits are hurting our economy”, “lawyers steal all the money they win in lawsuits”, “plaintiffs are abusing the legal system because they are sue-happy, unbalanced nuts” etc. etc.

Oil companies and their reps pay huge fees to scallywags like Stratfor to spew dis-info when their clients get caught being bad.

Lake FUBAR calmed down overnight. Tired out after a solid week of great seismic activity below. The big freeze affecting Texas won’t hit south Louisiana it seems.

(12-3) DOTD has some news!
In light of the most recent developments involving a second cavern [HUH?? located closer to LA 70, DOTD is moving forward with plans for enhanced and automated, continuous monitoring of LA 70 and the three area bridges (Bayou Corne, Grand Bayou and Bayou Choupique) for movement and subsidence. These enhancements include the installation of tilt and accelerometer sensors on all three bridges, and Shaped-Accelerometer Arrays (SAA) located between the LA 70 right-of-way and the sinkhole, and at the two closest bridge locations to measure movement. (120 feet in length; measure vertically and horizontally)

Of interest from Climate Viewer (science)  – Locating Deeply Buried Facilities –  is the DNR still really trying to say they don’t know where all the abandoned wells are in Louisiana?

HOUSTON — Royal Dutch Shell said Thursday it is abandoning plans for a massive gas-to-liquids plant envisioned for Louisiana, citing poor economics for the project that was expected to cost more than $20 billion.

The plant would have turned natural gas into diesel, jet fuel and other liquids, but the company determined that it would be too costly.


This is why we have a bee in our bonnet about the New Madrid Fault Zone activity lately –

ANF map today:




27 thoughts on “Oxy 3 Floor FALLS(!), 2nd Cavern Threat & Friday News

  1. Not sure its calmed down too much..kind of a harmonic giggle going on….or wiggle. Whatever, its not stopped burping, hickuping or moving liquid around.

    • and another ‘outage’ around 3:30 today. . . on all the helicorders.
      I have no thoughts about what these zig zags mean. They have pumps and drills and whatnot. I wait til dark ….

  2. This site’s home page is a map and explanation of central US earthquakes. I just included a Wabash excerpt as a reminder.

    Recent Central U.S. Earthquakes
    Wabash Valley Seismic Zone

    Recent studies have indicated that the New Madrid Seismic Zone is not the only ‘hot spot’ for earthquakes in the Central United States.  On June 18, 2002, a 5.0 magnitude earthquake struck Evansville, Indiana with an epicenter between Mt. Vernon and West Franklin in Posey County, in an area that is part of the Wabash Valley Seismic Zone.  According to the Indiana University Indiana Geological Survey, while there was minor damage associated with the earthquake, the tremor was a warning to residents of the Wabash Valley Seismic Zone that earthquakes can, and do, strike close to home.

    Here’s another source at The Mid-America Earthquake Center.
    Impact of New Madrid Seismic Zone Earthquakes on the Central USA
    https://www.ideals.illinois.edu/…/ ImpactofNewMadridSeismicZoneEarthquakeso%20theCentral%20USAVol…

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    Mid-America Earthquake Center at the University of Illinois. Amr S. Elnashai … Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC) – Stakeholder Communications.

  3. Thanks for all of the good info and updates. Thanks to you and others for the feedback on the limestone too. I realized that I have been missing a lot of good things on your site as the wordpress reader just shows the top article. The addition of the pink writing is nice. I guess the other half of the sinkhole is going down. It probably will stop as believed since there is supposed to be some bedrock. I’m happily surprised that there is bedrock. I had been given the impression in an old book on Louisiana geology that most of Louisiana was mud tilting downwards from Shreveport into the Gulf. This appears false. Then, of course, if there are other salt domes imploding…Unless it keeps spreading to Baton Rouge or NOLA it probably will never get adequate attention. Then it will be too late. People don’t realize, either, how inland Bayou Corne is. It’s not like it is on the edge of the Gulf which is the impression given. It’s way inland. And, salt domes seem to run up even as far as Arkansas. God continue to bless and keep you in your work.

    • thanks 😉
      Everyone is worried that Louisiana will break off like a cracker. A very steep drop off into the Gulf.
      It’s in a long vid by Henning Kemner (find by searching his name) …. vid has a good chart.

      • This piston action suggests there is still some type of mining going on at Oxy 3A. If 3A is not plugged, then I fear this will never end. The very fact that most of the tremor activity is no longer topical but progressing ever more deeply; becomes not a question of ‘if’ this will cause subsidence, but only ‘When’, ‘Where’, and what form it shall take. The longer the boil, the bigger the blow. Think of a pressure cooker when all the seals blow….which leads to the second cavern (s) mentioned as being Oxy Geismar 1, Crosstex Cavern 3, and possibly CT 4 as well as CT 2.
        It will be interesting to see just what the undercutting of the caprock leading back eastwards will actually do to the casings. Water infiltration is becoming a major concern that they do not know how to address.

      • What happens to the stored butane? To they ‘send it down the pipe’ in a hurry or does it all blow up?

      • If the casing is compromised, and at what depth, but could easily release butane into the aquifer with the methane. Since butane is much denser, then it would normally settle, but since there is about 1.2 billion cu. ft. of methane pressures in the aquifer entire, then we would see butane taking the place of methane following the open pathways, (bubbling spots), and ignite. Unlike methane, it doesn’t head for the atmosphere…it would hug the ground. As for idiots dismissing this because the butane is liquid at depth, when exposed to the atmosphere, it becomes a gas. Easily demonstrated with nothing more than a butane, liquid filled cylinder, known as a Bic lighter.

      • I wonder who Crosstex’s insurance co. is … they must give this operation their stamp of approval (along with DNR and everybody else!)

      • Thanks. Pretty much no earth is stable and the more there is tampering the worse it is. One can only hope it does stop and that it does not explode. Thinking Louisiana is falling into the Gulf is nothing new. People have their boats and they know how to swim (hopefully). But this sinkhole is a different issue. Mountains sometimes undergo sudden slope failure, where unseen cracks are at the base and the whole thing collapses. Who would guess? Venice, Italy still survives, it just floods and they put tables to walk on.

      • The guy who wrote fracking book, “Snake Oil” said all these oil co.s are exaggerating the potential of these feilds so they can re-sell them.
        Then the new owners do the same so they can sell too once they find out how little oil/gas there this in there.
        And to make these deals look good to investors they put gobs of wells in to make the field look like it’s a big producer (but it’s really just so many extra holes getting drips and drabs).
        The whole thing is a Ponzi scheme.

      • In today’s world, if it is above the level of family…everything has become a Ponzi scheme…sadly even in some families. I haven’t been around in a while because of horrific personal tragedies, losses, and declining health. I apologize, for I have much to say, to share, but sometimes it is true….the life can be sucked out of you. Sorry for the state I am in.

      • no need for apologies here, FR.
        Glad you could drop by.
        Things going to pot here pretty fast (luckily not health wise) but I don’t know if I can even have an internet connection in a few mos.
        Just saw freelance code work on line being done for $1 an hour (UK). Probably by Pakistan.
        I cannot compete with that.

      • Then it is time for you think of and introduce a new app that everyone needs. Quickest way to make a buck these days. Like one that calls you a bitch, everytime people use GPS, instead of learning how to read a frickin’ map… 😛

      • Akkk …. don’t get me goin’ on GPS! Microsoft thinks the IRT goes down the wrong Ave. in NYC. All addresses wrong in Queens because they don’t know about hyphens in street numbers, blah blah!
        GPS fans don’t know which way north is!

    • You need time to take care of your life too, Freedomrox. Stay away from GM foods and foods containing Glutine. Nice to have you back.

      • Hey, Keith. I got the message and appreciate the concern, but responding at that time was not possible…still tough….
        I do not and have never knowingly consumed the glutens, as I have warned people every since 1994, when GM Tomato’s were first introduced, that from a scientific point of view, these are Franken Foods and to not allow it to go any further. Led quite a campaign….but nothing we had could compare to the money Monsanto threw against us…
        I am attempting to recover…so will be spotty. Over and Out.

    • Stay away from the hot tub!

      Seriously, I do think they blacklist many bloggers and activists from work etc. and listen on phones etc. DARPA is an evil giant.

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