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Arkansas Nuke Plant Fire – at Arkansas Nuclear One Nuclear Power Plant. They say it’s a transformer fire.
. . .  Speaking of danger in the New Madrid Fault Zone . . .

This is what  astrologer, Jude Cowell  thinks about everything: Splitting America: The New Madrid Earthquake & Assumption Sinkhole (video)


The video has some things we dismiss but it mentions the Louann salt dome. It is huge. It’s shown in the 3rd illustration here.  It is in this paper too – Southern Louisiana salt dome xenoliths, and this paper – AQUITANIAN (LOWER MIOCENE) DEPOSITIONAL SYSTEMS: VINTON DOME, ONSHORE, GULF OF MEXICO, SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA.

Lots of seismic activity or work that looks like it today at Lake FUBAR.      heli_button

Dec. 3 – (We missed this one!) New Madrid Fault Line: Operation Vigilant Guard 11 Disaster Drill Begins This Week (Video)

Harper’s Magazine –  On Brining and Dining
Dirty South The foul legacy of Louisiana oil

FRIDAY – Morning  –
Green Army on Cypress Street radio show .
8 am  at


LA10-03 (the deep one) showing big activity since 3 A.M.. – LA12 is very, very active.


Loose rad waste in Lafayette, Louisiana (west of Napoleonville) – Lafayette : Map

From Mining AwarenessTransCanada begins filling Gulf Coast oil pipeline

Dec 9 (Reuters) – Transcanada Corp said on Monday that it has begun filling its new 700,000 barrel per day Gulf Coast pipeline with oil but gave no indication on when it expects the line to begin commercial service. . .

3.1 quake in Tenn.


36 thoughts on “Monday & Tuesday News

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  2. Most worrisome about those Arkansas plants is that they are in the new Madrid fault area I’m pretty sure. If we are all about to die should we just stop blogging and eat, drink and be merry? I’m serious. If it IS as bad as we all suspect why are we not enjoying the last quality life? If there is someplace left to run and hide please tell us all. I don’t think there is.

    Oh, I forgot to ask. Know anything about the rumor that nuclear waste was built into the foundation of Canal Place in New Orleans? I think it’s Canal Place–there’s a hotel and shopping area on Canal near the ITM building. Also, do you recall what sort of waste was buried in Metairie as landfill? The person I knew who knew these things died (of cancer).

    • I sure feel like quitting it all and eating & drinking. TOO MUCH apprehension!
      All I know about Louisiana nuke waste outside Bayou Corne is on the sidebar under the ‘Nuke’ heading. It has where nuke bomb test debris was buried.

      I wonder where this co. dumps all their waste? They probably send it away to Utah or somewhere and stack it in a field.

      • Actually I think it was South Carolina where I just read that they were processing the tritium and selling the helium as a byproduct. That is what they need to be doing at Fukushima too. Of course it is not only tritium but tritium is the most complicated to filter out. There is weird stuff business-wise in Japan going back to before WWII. Very difficult to sort out, but it surely explains why the situation is being handled so terribly.

      • Everyone is saying the MOX plant (unit 3) at Fukushima was for weapons use as it is not energy related. Yoshi Shimatsu talks about the site being all locked down with great secrecy.
        The US is up to fishy stuff there too as US supplied all the nuke stuff when they were supposed to be defanged.
        I had some on it at the FC blog …
        ( lots of NK nuttiness comes from fascist Japan)

      • Sorry I wrote processing tritium for helium, I meant hydrogen, which shows I should not write half asleep. Sorry to block up your space too. You are so right on about the impact of fascist Japan. I think that it is a scandal that Areva-France (AREVA is 80 to 90 percent French gov owned) and Veolia sent water purification piping which was cheap and RUSTED. They sell more resistant piping in the 21st century. France also has not come totally clean on its fascist past.

      • And I forgot to say Shimatsu radio interview is at … he always has good info about dirty secrets at Fukushima, weapons plant there etc. with proof of it in the contents of those fuel rods.

      • Savannah River is turning the tritium to helium to sell. I was right the first time. I guess I am more smart asleep than awake. Regarding Fukushima MOX, they all claim they are using it for fuel, but it is very dangerous to do so. The MOX was supposed to have been from AREVA, at least in part. Mitsubishi nuclear fuels is 30% Areva owned (based on memory). Areva is everywhere and likes to sue those who criticize it. I don’t think a state-owned company should be allowed to sue its citizens. The IAEA is planning on letting the tritium out into the ocean incrementally at Fukushima, as is apparently done all over. The Japanese gov had put out a bid to have it filtered if possible. Greenpeace thinks it is best left in holding tanks. It has a half-life of 12.3 years. It is what they found still in a tree at ground zero of the Salmon site because it is radioactive water!!!!

      • Greenpeace has been real quiet about fuku.
        Japan has released the water to the sea since day one. The Pacific is already dead and it is so full of radioactive isotopes it is a self generating poison factory. It created Philippines typhoon and will regularly make worse storms.
        Almost no time left to stop Japan from killing the world.

      • Thank you. I did check and Greenpeace has done reports but they seem to focus on Japan rather than the Pacific and global impacts. The Pacific can’t yet be all dead or we would be dead, as this guy says the plants in the oceans give us most of the world’s oxygen. But we are in bad trouble. Although they may have been dumping the water up until now (and they claim they have filtered some cesium and strontium, but not the tritium), if their new people in Japan wanted to try to get someone to help them with the tritium it would be better late than never to filter it or whatever they can do. It’s just wrong and could be the end for the IAEA to tell them it’s ok to do “controlled releases” and discourage Japan from doing right!

      • Thanks. I fear the same, in which we may all be doomed. If we figure out that we are indeed doomed, I’m properly going to go do more entertaining things than blog! What worries me the most is the mafia being there, and Areva which is getting constantly reprimanded for all the problems in the construction of its new nuclear plant in France (also was reprimanded in Finland).

    • Thanks. I need to read more. I’ve finally gotten used to and even love the Mardi Gras colors of this site (I guess they aren’t exactly purple, green, gold but put Mardi Gras in mind).

      Actually you are serving a good purpose both with education and taking care of online community in a very nice and patient way.

      There is some hope if there was a way to force things to be done right.
      They could be properly filtering water in Fukushima. It seems half of what Areva-Veolia sent rusted out. Still need to figure out if the IAEA is going to have them filter tritium before they let it (officially) go from tanks into the Pacific. Good money could be made cleaning things up right AND innovating new solutions. But, for some reason they seem to hire the most half ass people to do half ass jobs. I fear it’s got to do with the stock market or something.
      I’ve just never understood and it’s not gotten better. Many things put in mind what I was told about an insurance company that would spend $10,000 to save $1.

      If the South Carolina stuff has been moved off-site it would be one of the better candidates for having been sent to Haiti, if that story is true. Or, they’ve put it by some poor black people in South Carolina. Or, dumping it in the river or ocean or swamp. If you read the old book “Laying Waste” it is really shocking. This year or last Sellafield dumped rad waste in a municipal land fill and got fined. In “Laying Waste” there is a lot of secret night-time dumping (I think that’s where I read it). The Mormans are the richest group in America now so I do not think they would let the waste be dumped in Utah. But, they do have a dump there don’t they? Still geographically it doesn’t make sense.

      Almost 30 years ago a New Zealand biochemist who did a stint at a Med Center in New Orleans told me that they did not test the New Orleans water for what he called “nasties”, heavy metals. Presumably this would include radioactive metals. Around that time they dumped toluene in the Mississippi River, which poor people drank from (rather than bottled water), and everyone had to shower in though it smelled toluene. From my understanding it was well known that all of the plants leaked radiation into the Mississippi. Recently I learned that even uranium from South Dakota may work its way down. Also, someone told me that they had a friend who worked testing at a chemical plant on the Mississippi river and the company told them to wait some minutes to let the toxins go downstream before he tested and he did because they paid him what was a good salary for the time and place.

    • yeah…. I am up and down on that stuff. Anyone doing tons of numerology can make hay out of any tid-bit of video. And my other beef is Conn. town is pronounced newton as in fig newtons and has no origin relating to “new town”. And Batman map deal is a hoax from (clever) hoaxer Sacha Faal etc. etc.

      But … Louann dome info was a great lead. Whole of Gulf coast is like a sugar cube sitting in water!
      I don’t want to be all paranoid about New Madrid zone ideas but you cannot help noticing the USGS removing SO MANY area quakes from their ‘live’ list.

      So generally I am freaked out about Lake FUBAR and the whole Gulf region. As well as Pacific Rim quakes and Fukushima dread.

      • Regardless of how it is pronounced – it is spelled Newtown. The latest 911 calls released (5) are bogus – they received awards for answering 150 calls per hour. My state has had 3 gun related manufacturers move here with the strict gun laws enacted in CT & NY. Thank you very much!

      • If you are worried you should take a look at some of the earth changes stuff that was written a decade ago. I don’t recall what was left of Louisiana in their scenario. I think Hattiesburg Miss was beach-front property, meaning most of southwest miss disappears. Can’t recall about Picayune. I couldn’t afford the maps they were selling. If you are in Picayune I don’t see any real reason to worry. Really! We are all going to die sooner or later. However old you are someone else died younger. You can see that in any cemetery. No one wants to die, but we all will. Make sure you can swim. Buy a boat if you can. Be aware of your surroundings (e.g. small sinkholes from broken pipes, cracks in ground, snakes or alligators?). Make sure you have a good tornado shelter. Tornado and hurricane’s your greatest natural risk. You are aware of the non-natural risks and doing what you can. I hope you aren’t still at Bayou Corne. I do worry about the explosion risk there. And, of course, if the other half of the sinkhole opens all at once. You can always become a Calvinist so you can believe you won’t die until it is your time! You could move further inland than Picayune but you will still need a good (maybe better) tornado shelter and there are no guarantees.

      • Luckily, I am not in Louisiana … but will not fare well well if Hemming Kemner prediction is true. He says the coast will snap off and the whole Gulf of Mex will drop down a mile.
        Anything is better than what comes with black rain fron Fukushima.
        A big waste =sigh=

      • No use losing sleep. I guess I should go look at the theory but except for places like the karst in Florida, I wouldn’t worry in that if such a huge quake comes you can’t do anything. Outside of localized sinkholes I would think sinking would be gradual like Venice. With the risk of jinxing New Orleans, the well-built houses on the natural levees did well. If you can afford getting your current location studied it would be good. Maybe there is a local geologist? Certainly hire a geologist before buying property. If not, you must depend on your intuition. Even with a geologist you must depend on intuition instinct. There are karst geology maps for states online (limestone, etc.) but are hard to read.

  3. In Europe, Italy?, the Mafia had a contract to dispose of nuclear waste.. So they did in a land fill then used for building sites. What do you want to make a bet…….????!!!

    • Yes indeed. The mafia was still very active in New Orleans when Canal Place was built. They may still be. Read someplace that they found nuclear waste just hanging around a major Italian city not so long ago. Didn’t even bother to put it in concrete. Of course, who can say if it was true? Maybe some folks who didn’t like the competition of Canal Place. BUT it’s probably in some foundations. It would make sense until the concrete cracks.

  4. I can tell you all that they don’t give a damn where they put this radioactive contaminated material. In St. Louis, Mo, Merk dumped radioactive waste in an open landfill in the 1950’s. When it was discovered that the landfill had an underground fire about a year ago, it was also found out about the dumping of the radioactive waste. Which has been leaching into a nearby stream for decades. Someone finally decided to see if there was increase in cancers for people who had lived there. And of course, there was a huge increase in all types of cancers for the people who had lived within 5 miles of this nightmare. Yet they still have done NOTHING to clean it up claiming that it would be more harmful to clean it up than leave it. I’m beginning to think that all of this is actually intentional and meant to kill off large swathes of the population. (Coincidentally, the waste was dumped in an area that is mostly an African American population, but it’s only a coincidence.) Yeah, right.

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