12/10/2013 — Tennessee / Georgia Earthquake — 3.1M along the Eastern Edge of the Craton

And something is up at Bayou Corne TODAY!


From Before It’s News – Warning: Killer Earthquake In New Madrid Fault (Video)

. . . .article gets into Sinking sand, sand boils, LIQUEFACTION. The video is just canned music.

22 thoughts on “12/10/2013 — Tennessee / Georgia Earthquake — 3.1M along the Eastern Edge of the Craton

    • Eric Schroeder, you have got to be kidding! You are missing the obvious points of his videos. Maybe you haven’t ever seen his videos. He talks about unusual weather phenomena that shouldn’t naturally be occuring. He discusses events that have and will occure with brillient accuracy! Have you ever heard of geoengineering?

      • Dutch has constant problems with trolls and corp. spies so I take it we had some spill over here.

      • Really microwave bursts from harrp Alaska creating major storms is lunacy not a troll I just do my research

      • sure sounded troll-like.
        The heating of ocean temps near Asia, south Asia is said by many to be from radiation from Japan in the oceans. We weren’t talking about HAARP. About Fukushima. But if you have distaste for talk about geo-engineering and HAARP, you may want to find another sandbox. We’re all into that here.

  1. The helicorders..Bayou Corne looks like a bowl filled with water to the brim..then sloshed back and forth a few times…pretty soon it will take on a rhythm of its own..back and forth back and forth…

  2. Earthquake in Texas..and 5.1 in Central America….slosh slosh slosh. I picture enough sloshing to move the craton over a LOT…or to lift off the western American Continent from its stuck position over the earth’s core and mantle. Yeh hey not scientific..but probably as good as most theories!!!

    • oh, wow.
      I didn’t put up the Texas quake as there was so little news past 2 days aside from helicorders.
      Louisiana people – remember to top off yr gas tanks in yr car and remember if there’s any power outage ATMs don’t work.
      Have some go money on hand!

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  4. Dutch claiming microwave bursts by harrp Alaska creating major storms was lunacy . And not a troll I just do my research. There are much better resources than someone that uses an alias.

    • Eric Schroder, if you actually do any research, you would know that Dutchsinse knows all about microwave bursts from HAARP Alaska causing major storms out of nonexistent activety. And if you actually did your research on HAARP, you’d know how to spell “HAARP.” By the looks of things you don’t know as much as you think you do! Better do more research before making bold statements.

      • Maybe my email address is an automatic flag to open the SPAM gates because of my earlier “reply” to Eric Schroeder. Or maybe they don’t want the truth told. Nothing to see here, move along.

  5. Note: Eric Schroeder – you got the boot because I do not suffer trolls here.
    If you have such a big issue with Dutch just keep away from blogs like this.

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