Very wild since Thursday . . . non-stop.


LA12 starting to get hyper after 7 P.M. Saturday night.


Strange Sounds – Earthquake Prediction: Half of the Monster Earthquakes are Missing From Records

Google hid this one from us – Nov. 18, NY Daily News Bayou Corne sinkhole could require decades of monitoring once brought under control: officials
The insatiable Louisiana sinkhole captured national attention after the YouTube video ‘8/21/13 Slough in’ showed it swallowing a set of trees. Officials also fear that gas within area may spark massive inferno.

. . . and this from Nov. 23, NBC33 –  New salt tavern regulations are aimed to prevent more sinkholes: could cause shutdowns

Item about Bayou Teche Water Co, in St. Martin Parish – Residents Worried Their Water Is Unsafe to Drink – has video

Retired contractor Hays Town and his new advocacy group want to save Baton Rouge’s water from saltwater intrusion.

19 thoughts on “Seismic Activity INCREASES DRAMATICALLY

  1. This is totally OT, but RadChick had a post about spirulina fighting radiation but there’s a lot of confusion about where to get non-contaminated spirulina. I just ordered a lb from Sunburst Foods because theirs is grown in tanks, not from oceans.

    • I know that product. I used to get a mix powder of it from the Health Food store.
      Dana says DCA is also used.
      It is in ‘About’ section here –

  2. At 9:15 pm tonight, a Pierre Part resident, and several Bayou Corne Residents have reported feeling the earth move. Check the Geophones now, and you can see where it ramped up at. Actually this is more widespread than you know… I am astounded.

  3. I got an email explaining the measurements on the helicorders..they decrease the sensitivity so they can see the SESMIC events. So that means the” wiggles” or sine wave looking graphs get lots smaller; and .look less impressive. Look and see at the bottom of the graphs, 500 to 10000 all the way to one higher…go figure. But does look like a wave motion, liquid movement in those helicorders…

    • So I take this info as the vibrations are stronger than are actually being reported. Please pray in your own way for those in that area that are not religious.

      • I put a big warning headline up a couple of hours ago hoping to grab attention of lax officials!
        Someone better pay attention.

        24/7 monitoring, my a55 …

  4. Got fast turnaround, seems like a reasonable engineer and response from an email query. Very professional and valid information; they are doing their jobs…..but the CAUSE of the phases, is not their responsibilty from what I can tell. The company is doing nuts and bolts maintaining data, not interpreting it..but could be wrong. Sounds like NO ONE is keeping an eye on it but you all..

    From the maintainers of the Helitcorders:

    Dear XXXX,

    Differences in helicorder vertical scale reflect differences in sensor sensitivity in the Bayou Corne seismic network. In general, the helicorder vertical scales are adjusted so that seismic phases are visible above noise without saturating/clipping.

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


    Andrew Law
    Systems Engineer
    Nanometrics Seismological Instruments,

  5. Earthquakes 5.0 or so around the Ring of Fire..and N. Peru has a 5.2. Mexico has a small on on west coast, but on land. Nothing HUGE which could cause that sine wave motion…

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