Update from Conservation

CODE 1 continues (!)




Assumption Parish Police Jury

Monday, Dec. 16 work-

Sinkhole Activity Code 1+ – indicating work is allowed on sinkhole and containment berm, however, seismic monitoring indicates levels of sub-surface activity near sinkhole/Oxy 3 have been trending upward over the past two days.

Air Monitoring/Sub-slab Sampling and Ventilation

– Conducting ventilation system inspections


– Removing water from ORWs 6, 16, 19 (south of La. 70, west of containment berm), 26 and 32 (north of La 70, west of Texas Brine facility)

– De-pressurizing ORW 54 (north of La 70, west of Texas Brine facility) to change out wellhead

– Installing pump on ORW 30 (north of containment berm) to remove water

– Pumping ORW 39 (north of containment berm) to re-establish gas flow

Containment Berm/Roads/Sinkhole

– Surveying containment berm settlement plates

– Surveying south containment berm

– Preparing for hydraulic head tests of aquifer monitoring wells 

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14 thoughts on “Update from Conservation

  1. Has anyone ever seen this: http://geology.gsapubs.org/content/early/2013/12/12/G34972.1.abstract

    If I understood that correctly, they saw it coming months in advance with a UAV????

    Freedomrox, your page needs an update. Glad to see you are still around.

    Thanks for keeping the coverage going here, I am highly disappointed in ENE for discontinuing any coverage.

    Any other good sources of info you know? Many of the official LA pages have not been updated for several months.

    • Think they saw it, but until the collapse, they did not know what they were looking at. This from reading the abstract report in the link. NOW a sinkhole operator has no excuse. Also, note they mentioned the cave in was a SMALL portion of the collapsing area they found. Anyone get diagrams to show the full extent? And has a more recent fly over been done?? Does Texas Brine have this information? The State of LA?

      UAV fly overs–AKA DRONE! — someone needs to fly over florida, Texas and the Madrid fault line area and check it out. UAV means Unmanned Arial Vehcile, again a drone..with cameras and geographic equipment of some sort. Wonder what the radar or ?? is they use to reach into the ground like that?

      • oh, you are supposed to publicly be able to get all these high fly pix from NASA etc. — but they have blocked out Bayou Corne!
        Digital Earth, Google Earth … all in on the COVER-UP!
        Many NASA satellite views are public … just not over the Gulf of Mexico!!
        War-in-space .. that’s their true mission … in my opinion!

  2. Looking at the Updates from the Office of Conservation over the past month, one notes lots of info gathering such as well heads, and ‘slabs’ and ventilation sites (homes?). And one comment on measuring sinkhole depth (in past couple days). JUST where is all this information. I am sure it would make the residents of
    Bayou Corne happy to read the exact data collected and make their own decisions. No comments or ‘nothing to worry your pretty little head about’ type postings can be interpreted to be BAD news

    By the way, in event of a major accident, with possible citizen/resident injuries caused by further erosion of the sinkhole, TEXAS BRINE has the insurance coverage for this kind of medical costs..right? Just checking..they and the government should be offering substantial buyouts (at or above true, and I mean TRUE property values plus relocations costs) to prevent this kind of long term medical cost to the company.. Would think the stockholders would not like to be liable if the situation was covered up, and the stockholders/owners were aware of the dangers. I am sure the yearly stockholders reports/financials could be a treasure trove for lawyers in that case.

    • If I lived within a hundred miles of Lake FUBAR I would send a registered letter to Gov. Jindal and to DNR saying you are endorsing the concept that my property and life and limb are safe at XYZ address. By not replying within 2 weeks you are endorsing the concept that my property and life and limb are safe at XYZ address. Signed _ _ _ _ .
      For future use!

    • Talking with a friend, who has a friend…and this is totally accurate whose son has a friend that works for a major aircraft company in the DC area that’s bought out a smaller company recently. This company is outfitting Beechcraft planes with spy cameras. They’ve signed a contract with Beechcraft that they won’t be used for civilian spying, but the planes are going to be sold to our military, who will not have that same contract. NSA and beyond. Wouldn’t be surprised again if we start having problems with this site after posting this. Sorry in advance if that happens.

  3. The spikes look consistant with explosions versus a natural movement. Zero to Hundred in a flash so to say. No build up with smaller movements. Just an observation.

  4. hmmm – what does this look like?
    Japan lacks decommissioning experts for Fukushima
    ” Japan is incapable of safely decommissioning the devastated Fukushima nuclear plant alone and must stitch together an international team for the massive undertaking, experts say, but has made only halting progress in that direction.”

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